Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms - List of all lands

Super Mario Odyssey is just a few days away, but we already know a lot about which kingdoms will be in the game and how many lands are there exactly. Fans have been wondering about the various places you will be able to visit in Super Mario Odyssey. They would also like to know if their favorite kingdoms will appear in Odyssey. Luckily, Nintendo released a bunch of footage from the game, and we already know about a lot of the areas that are present. In the past 24 hours, there were also various leaks coming in from 4chan, Reddit, and other places. These confirmed that there are more hidden kingdoms. We will discuss those as well.

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How Many Kingdoms are there in Super Mario Odyssey?

Nintendo showed 10 Kingdoms in various materials, and through rumors and leaks, we found out that there are at least 7 more. You start out in Cap Kingdom and unlock new zones as you collect Power Moons. Each land has moons for you to collect, and you go back to the Odyssey when you have enough to travel to another kingdom.

Kingdoms we’ve seen officially, in order, are:

  • Cap Kingdom – Bonneton – 31 power moons
  • Cascade Kingdom – Fossil Falls – 40 power moons
  • Sand Kingdom – Tostarena – 89 power moons
  • Lake Kingdom – Lake Lamode – 42 power moons
  • Wooded Kingdom – Steam Gardens – 76 power moons
  • Lost Kingdom – Forgotten Isle – 35 power moons
  • Metro Kingdom – New Donk City – 81 power moons
  • Snow Kingdom – Shiveria – 55 power moons
  • Seaside Kingdom – Bubblaine – 71 power moons
  • Luncheon Kingdom – Mount Volbono – 68 power moons

Aside from the above mentioned there are more rumored and leaked kingdoms. What follows are major SPOILERS, so stop reading if you haven’t played the game yet (or want to discover what lies ahead for yourself). After the Wooded Kingdom is Cloud Kingdom. The last three zones following Luncheon are Ruined, Bowser’s and Moon Kingdom. After you finish the main story, you will gain entry into the Mushroom Kingdom. There are two more moon kingdoms that you unlock after getting 250 and 500 power moons. One of them is a very hard platforming level where, upon reaching the end, you will pretty much finish the whole game.

Kingdoms size and is Delfino Island in Super Mario Odyssey?

Some of the lands are small, and some are rather large. Some of the above mentioned zones are only boss zones. They have very few things for you to explore. Others will be filled with puzzles and collectibles. If you are so inclined, you will be visiting each of the Super Mario Odyssey kingdoms several times, especially after you finish the main story, because you will want to collect as many things as you can to unlock all the content in the game. Unfortunately, some of the hardcore fans that were hoping that Delfino Island is in the game (based on the rumor sparked by some of the official promotional material), it does not seem to be present. Maybe we will get it with a DLC?

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