Surge PAX Boss Fight - How to beat first boss

PAX is the first boss in The Surge. He’s a giant bipedal robot you’ll fight in the Rocket Assembly Station. If you take the time to examine his moves, he’s quite easy to deal with. Seeing how he’s the first serious threat you’ll face, it’s easy to get nervous and miss some obvious tells he has. In this guide, we’re going to help you beat Surge PAX boss, so you can continue playing the game.

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surge pax boss fight
Surge PAX boss fight

PAX has three types of attack:

  • Foot stomp – he does this when you’re under him. These stomps are clearly telegraphed and super easy to dodge.
  • Electric swing – when you’re near, but not under him, he’ll swing an electrified apendage at you. This attack is fast, and it can be hard to avoid.
  • Homing missiles – when you fill he orange bar under his health, he’ll fire a salvo of homing missiles. The best way to avoid them is to take cover.

Staying behind and under PAX is probably the best strategy for beating him. Keep swinging at his legs and dodging the foot stomps. When the orange bar is full, stand directly under him, and the missiles should miss you. Keep smacking his legs until he announces a reboot. Dodge away, so he doesn’t fall on top of you. When he’s down, aim for the head (flaming engine). Do as much damage as you can before he gets up again. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

While you’re trying to whittle away his health, he’ll sometimes jump high into the air and away from you. Run towards him as quickly as you can, or he’ll whip you with his electro-club. Be sure to keep track of your own health as well- PAX’s attacks are pretty strong, so you should probaby heal after taking two hits.

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