Surge Best Implants and Their Locations

The Surge, a Dark Souls-like sci-fi action-adventure RPG is now out. Implants are an important part of the game, since they provide you with boosts and new abilities that can be either active or passive. It can be difficult to figure out the best Surge implants and where to find them.

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Surge Best Implants and Their Locations
Surge Best Implants and Their Locations

Implants in Surge are a way to customize your character pretty much on the fly. Different implants grant you various status boosts and abilities active and passive. Which implant you’ll get the most use out of will depend a lot on your play style. However, some of them seem to be universally useful, giving you more health and energy or reducing costs of certain actions.

For example, the Aggression Amplifier restores health after you execute a finishing move. You can find it just after you exit your base of operations. Head right and hug the wall. The implant is all the way in the dead end, which you’ll reach after passing some boxes. A similar implant is the Plasmic Regenerator, which, as the name suggests, restores health over time. This one can be found in the Assembly Facility. Head right after the entrance and the shortcut, and you’ll see an enemy that’s just standing there and looking at the wall. Take the enemy out and pick up the implant.

There are two implants in the game that increase your maximum health and energy, making them scale with your Power Score level. To boost your maximum energy, you want the Vanadium E-Cell. Locate the area with the blue liquid. There are a few drones after you pass it. Head right of the drones after you dispatch them and smash the box to collect the implant. For health, you’ll need the Vital Boost implant. You need to head to the blue liquid area and the drones, but this time, head left and up the stairs. Clear out the area and look for a bunch of boxes on the left. Destroy them, drop down, and collect the implant.

There’s also an implant that increases the amount of energy you get from successful attacks, and it’s called the Voltaic Dynamo. Before descending to the Power Plant, stay put at the top of the stairs until an enemy knocks down the door on the right. Once inside, head up until you’re in the rafters above the Assembling Facility. As soon as you enter the facility, head right. You’ll have to jump over a pretty large gap, so get a sprinting start.

As long as you’re up there in the rafters of the Assembling Facility, you might as well get the Vital Injection. This implant functions exactly like the Estus Flasks in Dark Souls. You use it to heal yourself until it runs out, after which it needs recharging. To find it, instead of going right when you enter the facility, make your way past the enemy waiting and, eventually, you’ll find yourself outside. Go left until you reach a platform with a drop.

Last, but not least, the Blue X-Cables. This is a very useful implant, especially combined with the Aggression Amplifier. What it does is reduce the cost of finishing moves. After a while in the Power Plant, you’ll run into a couple of drones and a door to the right, behind which is an enemy wielding a large hammer. Defeat him (or dodge) and find the implant in the room.

The Surge is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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