Astral Crystal Grain Location - Tales of Arise

The Tales of Arise Astral Crystal Grain location is the place where you can find this upgrade material. You need it in order to upgrade some of the more basic weapons that you have access to early on. This can be extremely useful, because you want to scrounge up as much power as you can while you’re still a low-level adventurer. That being the case, we’ll show you where to find Tales of Arise Astral Crystal Grain in this guide.

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astral crystal grain location tales of arise
Astral Crystal Grain Location – Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Astral Crystal Grain Location

To find the location of Astral Crystal Grain in Tales of Arise, the first step is to make your way to Glanymede Castle. You can get there by using the elevator in Kyrd Garrison to reach Trench of Flames. Head straight and then hang a right. Follow the tracks until you enter the area called Gates of Fire. Now, go in a semicircle to the northwest into East Side. Head down the ladders on the left and walk across the pipes to the door. That’s the entrance to the castle.

Once you enter the castle, you need to make your way to the fourth floor. This is pretty easy to do – just check your map to see where the way up to the next floor is. Just rinse and repeat until you get to the fourth floor, which I think is also as far as the castle goes. Anyways, when you get up there, open the map again and look for the little square room in the south. That’s the location of the Astral Crystal Grain in Tales of Arise. More precisely, you’ll find two of them in the big blue chest in the center of the room.

where to find tales of arise astral crystal grain location
Open the blue chest

Now, what are the Astral Crystal Grains actually for? Well, you need them to upgrade Alphen’s Crude Sword and Shionne’s Basic Rifle. Each of these weapons requires one Astral Crystal Grain, so the two that you get from the chest are all you need, as far as we know. If you’ve discovered any other places where you can find Astral Crystal Grain, let us know in the comments.

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