How to Heal & Revive Party Members - Tales of Arise Cure Points

Tales of Arise utilizes a specific system when it comes to healing, involving Cure Points, and if you have been wondering how to heal & revive party members, we are here to help you out. So, in this How to Heal & Revive Party Members – Tales of Arise Cure Points guide, we will cover all the basics of healing and reviving team members, explain how Cure Points function, and clarify how to get CP. Even if you have played one of the previous games in the Tales franchise, the CP system here works very differently, so if you are having problems with it, we recommend you give this guide a quick read.

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How to Heal & Revive Party Members - Tales of Arise Cure Points

How to Heal in Tales of Arise

There are several ways that you can heal in Tales of Arise. The first method is to use Healing Items. You can do this both in and outside of combat. To heal using a Healing Item, go into your Items Menu and select a HI. Some HI replenish the health of just one character, while others heal the entire party. They do not cost any Cure Points to use, but after consuming a Healing Item during combat, you will have to wait a short cooldown until you can use another. The second method is to rest at Camps or Inns. These will fully heal the party. When you encounter a campfire, interact with it, select the Rest option, and all of your HP and CP will be fully restored.

The third option involves using the Cure Points. Similar to Healing Items, you can use CP to heal both in and outside of combat. When you assign your Healing Artes to a specific button or command, you can press this during combat to heal an individual character or your whole party. Shionne and Dohalim are the resident healers, and they use their Cure Points to heal the party. You can set their AI behavior to “Focus on Healing“, and they will then heal more often when you are not directly controlling them. When not in combat, you can heal using your CP by clicking on the Recovery button in the Menu.

how to heal in tales of arise
Healing in Tales of Arise.

How to Revive Party Members Tales of Arise

Likewise, there are also several ways to revive fallen team members during and after combat. The first method involves using certain items that can revive defeated party members, such as Life Bottles and Omega Elixirs. There are also certain Healing Artes that can revive characters. Even if your party gets defeated, everyone will get revived with some of their health back.

Tales of Arise – How to Restore Cure Points

Finally, to restore your Cure Points, you can do one of several things. The easiest way to fully restore your CP is to rest at a Camp or Inn. Secondly, there are some items which can restore your CP, and these include Orange and Pineapple Gels.

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