How to Increase Cure Points - Tales of Arise Maximum CP

One of the most important elements in Tales of Arise is its Cure Points system, and you may be wondering how to increase it to maximum CP. Since Cure Points are used not just for healing, but also for exploration, you want to have your CP as high as possible. In case you are unsure exactly how they work, we have a great guide that explains healing and reviving in ToA. And now, on to the How to Increase Cure Points – Tales of Arise Maximum CP guide itself. In it, we will cover all the methods that you can utilize to maximize your CP.

How to Increase Cure Points - Tales of Arise Maximum CP

Tales of Arise – How to Increase Cure Points – Maximum CP

Basically, there are two ways that you can increase your CP in Tales of Arise. The first method is obvious – all you need to do is play the game and level up. As you increase in power, your Cure Points will also rise. The second way to raise them is a lot more difficult and dangerous. In Tales of Arise, there exist Gigants. These are a sort of minibosses that roam about the map. When you defeat these, they will drop Astral Flowers. These flowers raise your Cure Points. However, these monsters are very hard to beat and it can take a lot of effort, preparation, and knowledge about the game before you can manage to bring one down. Mastering your abilities is key here, particularly your Mystic Artes.

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Tales of Arise – How to Restore Cure Points

The simplest way to restore your CP is by resting at a Camp or an Inn. Besides this method, there also exist certain items which will restore your Cure Points. These items include Orange and Pineapple Gels. Finally, some cooked dishes will likewise help you to restore your CP.

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