Tales of Arise Sage, Lavender and Verbena Locations Map - Increase Health, Attack, Defense

In Tales of Arise, plants such as Sage, Lavender, and Verbena increase your health, attack, defense, and other attributes, though they can be found in only a couple of locations on the map. These herbs don’t respawn, which is to be expected, given how powerful they are. If you find them on time, they can give big stats buffs. This then allows you to, for example, more easily defeat the Mesmald Secret Boss. You can give them all to just one character who will become very strong, or distribute them more evenly among the party. In this Tales of Arise Sage, Lavender and Verbena Locations Map – Increase Health, Attack, Defense guide, we will show you where these herb consumables can be found, and which stats they increase.

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Tales of Arise Sage, Lavender and Verbena Locations Map - Increase Health, Attack, Defense

Tales of Arise Sage Location Map – Increases Health

The Sage plant increases your Max Health Points. You can find it in two locations: Sandinus Ravine and Riville Prison Tower Underground Prison. We have marked their exact locations on the screenshots below, and also included what Sage looks like, so you will be able to recognize it.

Tales of Arise Chamomile Location Map – Raises Penetration

The Chamomile plant increases your penetration. A high penetration increases the chance that your characters will trigger interrupts and critical hits. You can find Chamomile in the following locations: Fagan Ruins Storage Block 2F and Ulvhan Grotto.

Tales of Arise Verbena Location Map – Raises Defense

The Verbena plant raises your Defense, so giving it to characters with a low Defense stat is a good idea. You can locate Verbena in the Kyrd Garrison, in the Rudhir Forest, Overseer Hill, and in Tietal Plain.

Tales of Arise Lavender Map – Increases Attack

Lavender will increase the Attack of whoever consumes it. You can find this flower in the Iglia Wastes and in the Gilanne Woodland Inner Level.

Tales of Arise Jasmine Map – Raises Endurance

Jasmine raises your Endurance. You can find Jasmine in Glanymede Castle 3F.

Red Sage, Red Lavender and Red Verbena Locations in Tales of Arise

There also exist special red variations of these plants. Deluxe and Ultimate Edition Tales of Arise owners got these as part of the Premium Item Pack. In it, there were 5 of each herb. We still haven’t found these in the game, but when we do, we will update the guide then. If you have found these anywhere, don’t be shy and leave us a comment down below!

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