Tales of Arise Gourmet Saga Soft and Fluffy

The Gourmet Saga Soft and Fluffy is a sub-quest in Tales of Arise. By completing it, you can get 5100 gald, 150 SP, and a Mabo Curry recipe. Soft and fluffy is one of the gourmet quests that also occur in other regions of the game. They all begin when you find the NPC Gourdeno. Read on as we discuss how to complete the Soft and Fluffy Saga in Tales of Arise.

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Tales of Arise Gourmet Saga Soft and Fluffy
Tales of Arise Gourmet Saga Soft and Fluffy

To begin the Gourmet Saga Soft and Fluffy quest, you need to travel Ganath Haros and visit Pelegion. You should visit the second level and speak to Gourdeno. He is a suited man who will be on his knees. You should recognize him from previous Gourmet Saga quests. If you have not done these previous quests, then he will not appear. He will ask you for the following.

  • 6 x Rice
  • 4 x Stimulating Powder
  • 2 x Neither Swine Nor Hare Meat
  • 2 x White Soft and Fluffy Objects

The white, soft, and fluffy objects are actually two ingredients. These are rice and tofu. Rice fields are in Ganath Haros in the Latvu Marshlands. There are six rice plantations in the area. A series of blue sparkles mark them on the map. You should not face any problems retrieving these.

Stimulating powder is the name for pepper in the soft and fluffy saga. You can also get this in the Latvu Marshlands, so you can pick it up along with the rice. There are four plantations for pepper and each of these will be marked by blue sparkles as well.

Neither swine nor hare meat refers to the meat of a rappig. These need a little more work than just collecting. You must visit Menancia and go to the Pharia Ranch. This needs unlocking from the completion of previous Tales of Arise quests first. Talk to the farmer and discuss how to rear livestock. From here you can choose to send to the barn and raise rappigs. You can use miracle feed to make them grow quicker or return around 30 minutes later to collect your meat.

The final items in the soft and fluffy gourmet saga are tofu. Simply travel to the inn in Pelegion, not far from where the quest was given. Once you have bought it, return these to Gourdeno to claim the rewards.

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