How To Fullscreen Deltarune Chapter 2

Fans of Toby Fox’s mega-hit Undertale have long been waiting for another follow-up to this unique blend of RPG and bullet hell. Now, with the release of Deltarune Chapter 2 (and Chapter 1 as well, of course) for free on Steam, players can once again choose whether or not they want to solve their problems through (bullet hell) violence, or peacefully. However, one thing that has been giving Deltarune players some trouble is not knowing how to go fullscreen. So, in this How To Fullscreen Deltarune Chapter 2 guide, we will explain everything you need to do in order to run this game in fullscreen mode.

How To Fullscreen Deltarune Chapter 2

How To Make Deltarune Chapter 2 Fullscreen

Like most video games, Deltarune can be played in full screen or in windowed mode. Both of these have their own advantages, and depend on how you like to play your games. Some players prefer to have them in windowed mode so that they can easily do other things such as surfing the internet. And other players like to fully immerse themselves into whatever they are playing and to fill up the entire screen with the game. If you are the latter type of player, then this guide is for you.

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To get into fullscreen mode, you will first need to start the game. Once you are inside the game itself, you will then need to go into the configuration menu. You can bring up this config menu by pressing the “C” button in the PC Steam version. In here, you will see several options, including Master Volume, Simplify VFX, and so on. What you want to toggle here to get the fullscreen mode is called, naturally, Fullscreen. So, turn this ON and Deltarune Chapter 2 will now run in fullscreen mode. And that’s all there is to it, you can now enjoy playing the game in fullscreen.

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