Fahkumram arrives in TEKKEN 7 on March 24

Now we know that Fahkumram, who also finishes off Season Pass 3, is to be released on March 24, 2020. Season Pass 3 brought with it returning characters Zafina and Ganryu as well as the all-new Leroy Smith and lots of new features and updates. Now it’s time for a new Tekken 7 teaser which reveals his power against Craig Marduk and other TEKKEN 7 characters.

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Fahkumram arrives in TEKKEN 7
Fahkumram arrives in TEKKEN 7

At the age of 12, Fahkumram was struck by lightning. By the age of 18, he became a Muay Thai champion. His life became more difficult when he got married and had a daughter. His family was taken and captured, leaving Fahkumram with little alternative but to obey the orders of the captors and to fight in underground battle rings. Incapable of finding a way out, stuck with a senseless task, Fahkumram started to struggle with more intense aggression and anger. He was once a confident fighter, but this has made him lose himself. In hope of independence both for himself and for his family, now he competes in the King of Iron Fist Tournament and hopes to win.

Fahkumram, TEKKEN 7
Fahkumram, TEKKEN 7

Both Fahkumram and a new stage will be available on March 24. Each pack can be purchased by acquiring the Season Pass or to buy individually.!

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