Tekken 7 New DLC Character is Geese Howard from Fatal Fury

Tekken 7 will be getting its next DLC fighter in the winter of 2017. Namco Bandai revealed that the character in question is Geese Howard from Fatal Fury / King of Fighters. Just like in the games he originates from, Geese Howard is a pretty powerful villain. Judging by his introduction video, he’s intent on taking over from the Mishimas, and, what else, ruling the world.

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Tekken 7 New DLC Character is Geese Howard from Fatal Fury
Tekken 7 New DLC Character is Geese Howard from Fatal Fury

During EVO 2017 (an esports event that is all about the fighting games), Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Tarada announced the next DLC character for the game. The fighter in question is Geese Howard, a villain from Fatal Fury, and making several appearances in the King of Fighters series. So, like Akuma, it’s a crossover fighter that has somehow been made to fit the narrative of Tekken 7.

Geese Howard also got a reveal trailer, which you can check out below. By what the video shows us, it seems that Howard wants to destroy the Mishimas. He boldly proclaims that the world is too big for Heihachi. Pretty big words from someone called Geese, I know. But, as the video continues on, it seems that Geese Howard can indeed hold his own in the Tekken ring.

The video description pretty much confirms the obvious. In fact, it seems that Geese wants to kill off all of those involved in Tekken. It doesn’t say why; presumably, you’ll have to play the game to find out. It does, however, make sure to mention Howard’s signature pants:

Geese Howard from Fatal Fury enters the TEKKEN 7 ring! Facing off against the likes of Heihachi, Paul, and Akuma, Geese Howard sports his signature red hakama training pants as he vows to destroy the TEKKEN fighters. Jump into the arena where the TEKKEN and Fatal Fury universes collide!

Geese Howard is coming to Tekken 7 in winter 2017.

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