How to Play Co-Op in Group with Friends in Temtem

Temtem co-op play allows you to play through pretty much the whole game together with friends; there are even weekly challenges to be beaten as a group. However, some players have been having trouble figuring out how to play co-op in Temtem, or what the advantages of doing so are; for example, how does it impact progression? To make things more complicated, there are a ton of bugs that you might encounter while attempting to play together. So, we’ve put together our How to Play Co-Op in Group with Friends in Temtem guide to hopefully answer some questions and help you out.

How to Play Co-Op in Group with Friends in Temtem
How to Play Co-Op in Group with Friends in Temtem

Temtem Co-Op – How to Play?

To play co-op in Temtem, you first have to pass the point where you choose your starting monster. After that’s done, and you’re out in the open world, press Tab to bring up the menu. Click on the icon of two people, then click Friends in the drop-down menu. Click on Tamer search, and enter either your friend’s name or Tamer ID (don’t enter both). Click on the magnifying glass to “inspect” the tamer then press the icon with the Plus sign to send an invite.

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From there, once they’ve accepted your invite, you can either battle each other, or play in combat. You can fight Dojo masters, collect and / or trade Temtems to complete your… Temtemdex? Also, you’re free to explore the whole world together, do challenges, and more.

Co-Op Progression in Temtem – How it Works

The campaign of Temtem is completely tailored to playing with friends. You can play the game from start to finish together. Plus, there are weekly challenges that you can complete as a group, which is only appropriate for an MMO. Now, of course, you can still play chunks of the game on your own, and join up with people later.

However, this does pose the question, what happens if you play co-op with somebody who is ahead of you, or, indeed, behind you in the campaign. Well, as it turns out, if you’ve progressed further in the game than your partner, you can replay sections you’ve already cleared for some extra XP, money and other stuff. Yes, you can even replay fights against trainers that you’ve already beaten. The only catch is that you split the XP evenly among yourselves.

In short, it seems like the developers tried to strike a balance between rewarding more experienced players for helping others and making sure that everyone gets their fair share of the pie. This solution is probably not gonna make everybody happy, but what can you do?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Temtem in Co-Op

The advantages of playing Temtem in co-op are fairly obvious. For one, you get to play from start to finish with your friends in a way that Pokemon never has. Plus, there are the above-mentioned weekly challenges that you can play in a group and earn loot. And, if you’re lagging behind your friends, they can help you catch up by battling trainers and other obstacles with you.

The one major drawback, however is the way the XP is split halfway between you and your friend. This is fine and dandy if you’ve bested, say, a trainer on your own, and are now helping somebody else. However, the person being helped is gonna get a hit to the XP, leaving them ultimately handicapped. And, if you decide to play the whole game together, you’ll both end up half as powerful. This is something that should be looked at by the developers, and hopefully rebalanced a little better.

Known Bugs & Issues in Temtem Co-Op Mode

There’s a plethora of bugs, glitches, and other problems that you might encounter while playing Temtem in co-op. Which is to be expected, given the early access status; growing pains are unavoidable. For example, you might be able to see your partner’s character, but they can’t see you, and vice versa. Or, you might not see any players at all, while they can see both you and others without a hitch.

Sometimes, the co-op invitations you send to each other might completely refuse to go through at all. Other times, your character could freeze and not allow you to do anything, while the others are getting around just fine. It’s a bit of a mess, as you’ve likely gathered by now, and we can only hope things’ll get better over time.

Now, most of the problems that we’ve just listed don’t have any particular fix that we’re aware of. You just have to restart the game and keep hoping for the best. If you do happen to know of any fixes, tell us in the comments. Anyway, the exception is the bug where all characters freeze and refuse to move upon entering co-op. It doesn’t have a fix per se, but there is a workaround that you can use. That segues us nicely into our next point…

Co-Op Bug Solution – How to Prevent Characters Freezing in Temtem?

To prevent your characters freezing in Temtem just after getting into co-op, you have to be in the same house instance. This is a solution directly from the developers, so you know it’s gonna work. Basically, don’t start your co-op group while out in the open. Instead, what you want to do is head into the same building, all of you that plan to match up together. Then, only once you’re all together inside, is it safe to link up into co-op.

Now, to be fair, there’s still a chance that one of the other glitches related to co-op in Temtem might slap you in the face out of nowhere. It’s no secret that the game still has its share of issues, but that’s perfectly fair in early access. However, you can at least circumvent the co-op freezing bug now. I’m sure that the developers are working hard on fixing the other problems as soon as possible.

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