Luma Pigepic Spawn Location in Temtem

Luma Pigepic is the shiny, upgrade version of the flying pig Temtem. It has a different color scheme than the basic version, along with some nice particle effects. When you catch one, it’ll also have three perfect standard values, making it not just prettier, but also more useful in combat. The downside is that they’re exceedingly rare, which means you’re bound to spend a lot of time looking for one. This guide is going to help by showing you Luma Pigepic spawn locations in Temtem.

temtem luma pigepic spawn location
Luma Pigepic Spawn Location in Temtem

Where to find Luma Pigepic?

The way Luma Temtem spawn is pretty simple – every time you run into a particular Temtem in the wild, it has a 1 in 6000 chance of being a Luma. This means that every regular Pigepic you’ve encountered so far had a minuscule chance of being a Pretty Pigepic. It also means there’s no special place where they’re more likely to appear – you’ll just have to visit spots with high Pigepic spawn rates and wait for the Luma variant to appear.

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You’ll recognize it by the different coloration, the shiny trail it leaves behind while running around the map, and the little star next to its name in the battle UI. You can start looking for it on the Prasine Coast, Thalassian Cliffs or Gifted Bridges – those are all areas where Pigepic is a common sight. Here are some spots where we’ve either encountered almost nothing but them, or seen others catch Luma version (the lucky bastards).

It’s going to be a long and arduous journey, that’s for sure. We don’t recommend actively trying to catch Luma’s until you’ve milked the game dry – they’re essentially endgame content in Temtem, something for already accomplished (and mildly bored) tamers to do while they wait for the next update.

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