Temtem Missing Kids - Find Yusuf & Roger in Brical

Missing Kids in Temtem is a side quest that you can get fairly early in the game, and it requires you to locate two children, Roger and Yusuf. The issue with the Temtem Missing Kids side quest is that it requires you to have an item that you get way later in the game. If you don’t know this, you’ll be thrown for the loop. And even then, you might struggle to find out where to go. With all that said, welcome to our Temtem Missing Kids – Find Yusuf & Roger in Brical guide, in which we’re going to explain where to find Roger and Yusuf, as well as what you need to obtain before attempting to do so.

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Temtem Missing Kids Find Yusuf & Roger in Brical
Temtem Missing Kids – Find Yusuf & Roger in Brical

Where to Find Yusuf & Roger Location in Temtem Missing Kids Quest?

To find Yusuf and Roger to complete the Missing Kids quest in Temtem, you’ll have to go to the southwest corner of Indigo Lake. You’ll find them on the shore; one of them is wearing a red shirt, and the other a green one. The problem here is that you need a surfboard before you’re able to do this. You get the surfboard after beating the first Dojo, so it’ll be a while before you’re able to complete this quest, regardless of when you’ve actually picked it up.

where to find missing kids yusuf roger temtem side quest
Location of Yusuf & Roger

Once you have the surfboard, head straight for Brical de Mar, to the west, and onward to the southwest of Indigo Lake. After finding Roger and Yusuf, have a chat with them. Then, head back to the Accademia and speak with the Headmistress. Tell her that you’ve found the boys, and you’ll get a Decoy for your troubles. Any of your Temtems can hold this item; what it does is make running away from wild Temtems easier.

How to Start Temtem Missing Kids Quest?

To start the Missing Kids quest in Temtem, you’ll have to go the Accademia in Brical de Mar. You wanna go upstairs once you’ve reached the building, and into the office on the left. There’s an NPC there that you can talk to, aka the Headmistress of the school. She’s gonna tell you about the eponymous missing kids if you ask her if you can help her in any way. After that, the quest is on for the surfboard, and then you double back to the lake.

All told, the quest is pretty simple, and the only real issue is that you likely won’t have the surfboard when you pick the quest up. This might lead you to waste time trying to figure out how to get to Yusuf and Roger. Turns out, all you need is patience and to push the main story far enough.

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