Evil Within 2 Chapter 2 & 3 Collectible Locations - Files, Photographic Slides, Residual Memories

The Evil Within 2 is divided into seventeen chapters. Each is filled with hidden collectibles, like files, locker keys, photographic slides and more. There are none in the first chapter, so you’re only going to start collecting them in the second. We’re going to list all Evil Within 2 Chapter 2 & 3 collectible locations in this guide, to help you unlock their respective achievements.

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evil within 2 chapter 2 3 collectible locations
Evil Within 2 Chapter 2 & 3 Collectible Locations

Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right

The first collectible you’ll find is a photographic slide in the office. It’s on the desk next to the cat with the red bow – you can take it after Sebastian’s remark about not owning a cat. The next one is a file. You’ll find it after the photoshoot scene with the man having his brains blown out. Go into the corridor on the man’s right and follow it to the dark room. The file will be next to the sink.Then there’s another file, in the crumbling house. After you climb up the white stairs, turn right, then left. Go under the metal bars and you’ll find the collectible on the small table. The next file can be obtained after you find the scene with the man being killed in an art gallery. Go through the white double door, straight into the hall with the clock pendulum. Turn right and open the door in the dark, then follow the corridor to the end. It’ll be on a table.Once you’re in the bedroom with the blue wallpaper, go into the kitchen, then turn left into the library. You’ll find the file on the dresser. When you leave the house, Sebastian will look at a photo of his family, which counts as another file. You can’t miss this one.

Chapter 3: Resonances

The third chapter starts as soon as you leave the house. We’ll update the guide with precise collectible locations as we progress further.


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