Evil Within 2 Guardian Boss - Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer Trophy

The Guardian is one of the bosses in The Evil Within 2. You’ll fight it in chapter 5, in front of Union City Hall, but your first encounter with it will be much earlier than that. You’ll have to escape from it once in the second chapter. You can choose to battle it this time, but you can also run away again. If you choose the latter, you’ll unlock the Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer achievement. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Evil Within 2 Guardian boss, and how to get that trophy.

evil within 2 guardian boss
Evil Within 2 Guardian Boss – Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer Trophy

How to beat Guardian boss?

If you really want to fight the boss, your best bet would be to use the environment. There are several places which will slow time down when you pass through them, allowing you to put some distance between the two of you, or pump some lead into the monster. There are also trucks leaking gasoline – if you shoot the puddle when the boss is in it, it will catch fire.

How to unlock Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer achievement?

In order to earn this trophy, you’ll need to run away from the fight. As soon as you enter the arena and the boss appears, run to the left. Go behind the building – shoot the barrels in order to get through, crawl under tripwires, shoot obstacles and keep moving. You’ll find a white door on the back side of the building – you’ll need to keep slamming a button to open it, since someone somewhere still thinks quick time events are fun. Enter the building, and the boss fight will be over.

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