Evil Within 2 Fallen Mobius Operative Locations and Loot Guide

Evil Within 2 Fallen Mobious Operatives are important for smoother gameplay. These operatives can be tracked via the communicator. As you come close to their location, with the help of the communicator, you can tag their location on the map. The fallen Mobious operatives have items that are essential for gameplay, like ammunition, crafting parts, and even weapons, like the Warden Crossbow.

Evil Within 2 Fallen Mobius Operative Locations Loot
Evil Within 2 Fallen Fallen Mobius Operative Locations and Loot Guide
Note: This guide is a work in progress; we’ll update it as soon as we get more information.

Residential Area Fallen Mobious Operative Locations

The Residential Area is the first one you find yourself in once you enter the Union STEM world. This is where you find yourself after Chapter 2, and where you find your first safe house during Chapter 3. Once you leave O’Neal’s safe house, the fun begins, and you can run around this zone, grabbing items from the Fallen Mobius Operatives.

To make things easier for players, there is a certain communicator that, once you pick it up, it marks every fallen Mobius operative in the same zone. For the Residential Area, head into the house north from O’Neal’s safe house, and it’s in the basement. On a table in this room, there’s the Turner’s Communicator Log. Pick it up, and you’ll have all fallen Mobius agents mark on the map.

The most important Fallen Mobious Operative is close to O’Neal’s safe house. He can found just west of it, down the street. Once you reach the roadblock, go behind a white Humvee, and you’ll find a fallen operative with a Warden Crossbow.

North from O’Neal’s safe house, the first house to the northwest hides a Fallen Mobius Operative with Replacement Parts. This is an old store, with a blue postbox in front of it.

Northeast from the southern Residential Area safe house, there is a side road. Follow it and, just before the entrance to the second house to your left, you’ll find one more fallen agent, with Handgun Bullets. You should enter this house and go into the basement. Inside, you can find the Sawed-Off shotgun. Down the hole, there is an armory, with a great amount of items inside.

From the previous one, follow the path to the north, and you’ll find one more operative, who hides a handgun ammo pouch.

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