Evil Within 2 How to Beat Obscura Boss Fight

Evil Within 2 Obscura is one of the bosses you’ll fight in the game. It will attack you during Chapter 5 – Lying in Wait. Obscura has the ability to freeze time, which is pretty unfortunate for you, because you need a timer to count down to zero. Fortunately, you can counter that easily. To help you out, we’ve written a guide on how to defeat Obscura boss in Evil Within 2.

Evil Within 2 How to Beat Obscura Boss Fight
Evil Within 2 How to Beat Obscura Boss Fight Guide

How to Kill Obscura Boss in Chapter 5?

You can beat Obscura by exploiting its weak spot, the camera head. The Obscura boss will attack you during Evil Within 2, Chapter 5. It’ll happen once you locate and activate the Stable Field Emitter on the second floor of City Hall. When you activate the Emitter, a 90-second countdown timer will start. The Obscura boss will attack you, and it can freeze time, thereby stopping the countdown. Luckily for you, shooting the boss in its camera head unfreezes time. Once Obscura freezes time, it’ll start patrolling the room. Your job isn’t to kill it, but to let the countdown reach zero. Simply head the boss off, and shoot it in the camera. Don’t fire immediately. Rather, aim carefully, because Obscura will move its head trying to avoid your aim. When you hit it, the timer will start again.From here, there are two ways to approach this battle. You can simply run away from Obscura, wait for it to stop time again, and start the process over. This will save you ammo, but it takes longer. Alternatively, you can keep shooting Obscura before it manages to freeze time again. This requires precision, and will likely cost you more ammo. On the other hand, it should take less time that way. Either way, once the countdown reaches zero, Obscura will disappear, and you’ll have won the boss fight.

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