Evil Within 2 Mysterious Object Locations - All in the Family Achievement

Mysterious objects are a type of collectible in The Evil Within 2. They’re easter eggs referencing other Bethesda games. Unlike other collectibles, the game won’t track these, so you’ll have to way of knowing how many you have left. When you get one of them, it will be displayed on a cabinet in Sebastian’s room. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll unlock the All in The Family trophy. This guide will help you earn this achievement by showing you all Evil Within 2 mysterious object locations.

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evil within 2 mysterious object locations all in the family trophy
Evil Within 2 Mysterious Object Locations – All in the Family Achievement

Mysterious Mask

This one is actually a replica of Corvo’s mechanical mask from Dishonored. You can find it in the residential area, first time accessed during chapter 3. You’ll find it in one of the train cars in the far west of the map. It’s on a seat in the car with the mangled torso in a plaid shirt.

Mysterious Machine

The machine is a figurine of the Panzerhund from Wolfenstein. You’ll find it at Tredwell Trucking, a large warehouse with trucks in the yard. It’s in the back of one of the red trucks, the one closest to the warehouse’s entrance. Open the door and look behind the crate.

Mysterious Weapon Replica

This one is a miniature rocket launcher from Quake. You can get it in the eastern part of Union city’s residential district, on a rooftop. Jump over the fence, then go up the ladder and across the boards from the shed to the house.

Mysterious Bobblehead

If you’ve played any of the Fallout games before, you’ll immediately recognize the Vault boy figurine. You can obtain it in the Marrow, during chapter 6. It’s hidden in a warehouse in the southwestern part of the map, behind a crate.

Mysterious Action Figure

If you’re thinking this one looks an awful lot like a Doom marine, you’re not wrong. You can get it once you’re in the business district – it’s in a dumpster in the southwestern part of the zone, in an alley off the main street.

Mysterious Mug

You can get the Mysterious Mug in the Business District, in Sanctuary Hotel, as early as Chapter 11. If you’ve passed that point, don’t worry, you can visit the Hotel during Chapter 13. Check behind the reception desk, and you’ll find the Mysterious Mug, straight from Prey’s TranStar Corporation.

Mysterious Symbol

During Chapter 13: Stronghold, you’ll wake up in Sebastian’s House. The game will task you with searching the house. While you’re upstairs, check all the rooms until you find the one that is kinda like a mini library. The Mysterious Symbol, which should look familiar to all Elder Scrolls Online players, is on a wide cabinet, just beneath the clock.

Mysterious Toy

The Mysterious Toy is located in Sebastian’s House, in Chapter 17. As you enter the house on the snowy hill, look to your right. Go inside the living room, and collect the Mysterious Toy from the shelf.


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