Evil Within 2 Laser-Sighted Handgun Weapon Location Guide

The Evil Within 2 Laser-Sighted Handgun is one of the weapons you can find in the game. This is the second handgun you can get in the starting zone. Although the first semi-automatic pistol is not missable, you can definitely pass by this one at the start. In this guide, you’ll find out more about Laser-Sighted Handgun locations in Evil Within 2.

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Evil Within 2 Laser Sighted Handgun Weapon Location
Laser-Sighted Handgun Weapon Location Guide
Weapon description: This semi-automatic pistol has been equipped with a laser sight for improved accuracy at longer ranges.

Where to Find Laser-Sighted Handgun in Evil Within 2?

The first location of the Laser-Sighted Handgun is in the Residential Area. This is where you come across shortly after the start of the game, during Chapter 3 – Resonances. At one point, you are supposed to track down a Mobius member. He will lead you to the first safe house. It is called O’Neal’s Safe House.

TEW2 Laser Sighted Handgun Weapon Location
Hop over the fence.
From this southern Residential Area safe house, head northwest. There is a wider street in this zone, going close to the edge of the map. Follow this path until you reach the Union Auto Repair Shop. You can spot this store from a distance by its glowing neon signs. Near this shop, look for an enclosed parking lot, surrounded with a chain-link fence.

Evil Within 2 Weapon Laser Sighted Handgun Location
Laser-Sighted Handgun Location
Hop over the metal fence, and look for a body next to the white truck. Approach this body, and you’ll get a prompt to investigate it. Try not to get scared, as you’ll get to fight an acrobatic enemy shortly after you try to pick it up. The weapon will still be on the ground after the game jump scares you, so you can choose to pick it up and fight with the new weapon, or just do it after you deal with the monster. In any case, you should check out the upgrades for the Laser-Sighted Handgun once you acquire it, so you can save up upgrade materials.
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