Evil Within 2 Locker Key Statue Locations - Locksmith Achievement

Locker keys are used to open special containers in The Evil Within 2. They’re hidden inside certain statues, which you’ll need to break in order to pick them up. The statues are sometimes out in the open, but more often than not, they are hidden in the most unusual places. Since they’re so easy to miss, we’ve decided to write the Evil Within 2 locker key statue locations guide, to help you find all thirty two of them.

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Evil Within 2 Locker Key
Evil Within 2 Locker Key Statue Locations
Locker keys are an important part of the experience. Once you find them, you can use them to open lockers in Nurse Tatiana’s treatment area. This place can be reached through Sebastian’s Room and the broken, shining mirrors found in safe houses. The lockers usually contain valuable green gel, ammo and other items.

Evil Within 2 Chapter 3 Statue Locations

The first statue can be found near O’Neal’s safehouse, in the southern part of Union city’s residential area. It’s on a bench near a white van, under a lamp post. There’s also one in the church. You’ll find it right next to the preaching pedestal with the dead body, near the organ. You will have to fight the priest and two of his buddies to safely acquire it. It’s in the dark, so it’s really easy to miss.There’s another one in the northwest, on the front porch of a house across the street from the giant red wrench.When you visit the train graveyard in the far west, you’ll come across a toppled white van, with a smashed roof. Look around it, and you’ll find another locker key.In the most northwest corner of the map, where you acquired one of the parts for fixing the sniper rifle and the Lament enemy roams, is where you can find another collectible. It is well hidden in the dark, on the side of the wall of the shack that holds a workbench. The next one will be waiting for you in the Marrow: Armory area. You can access it by interacting with a computer at 322 Cedar Ave (house where one of Rogue Signal side mission objectives is at). Computer is located in the basement of the building, which you access through a hatch in the garage. After you find the shotgun make your way back towards the exit. Lost should burst from a previously locked elevator. Once you defeat them the statue is inside the elevator.To find the next one go north, toward the main story objective. There is a pit stop road sign at the intersection that leads towards the main objective house. The statue is on the beam of the pit stop sign.As you make your way towards the main story objective make sure you check out the back of the building where you’re supposed to investigate Lilly’s voice residual memory. Up on some crates is the statue. Shoot it to collect the key.

Evil Within 2 Chapter 4 and 5 statues

Chapter 4 sends you into another part of the Marrow – Operations Center. Once you get to the gas filled part of the tunnels and put your gas mask on you will come across a locked door, guarded by a Lament (tall screaming enemy). Opposite of where the Lament roams is a dark tunnel. Follow it until the end to find the statue placed on a yellow barrel, next to some iron bars.Once you’re out in the City Hall area, go out and behind the safe house. The statue is on the ground by the wall.When you go inside the city hall, you’ll find another statue in a room to the left of the entrance, on the ground floor. The door leading into the room will be closed until you deal with the Obscura and are going back to the entrance.

Chapter 6-8 locker key statues – Evil Within 2 business district

Once you are done with everything in City Hall you will be entering the Marrow again looking for exit D5. As you go south from the computer that spawned you in the Marrow there is a little passageway to your right, behind the chain fence. There is a small entrance about half way through that corridor into the chain fenced area. Go back north looking at the pipes above. You should see the locker key statue hanging there – shoot it to get the key.After you move on to the business district, look for a statue north of the diner, near the glowing red growth. You can also pick up the one near the main quest objective. If there is a barrier there you should complete a few of the first main objectives, before moving into the theater, and that should clear your way up.Go around the diner and look at the neon sign above the door. You’ll see the statue on top of the red bars on the right. The next one is across the main street from the diner, on the edge of a roof visible from the alley.Go to the big house northwest of the diner, the one built from red bricks. The statue will be next to the main entrance, on top of the decorative pillar. The next locker key can be obtained during the Stefano boss fight. It’s hidden behind one of the pieces of cover in the stealth section, where you’re trying to escape the gaze of the giant floating eye.

Chapter 9-11 Locker key locations

Once you get down to the dungeon, you’ll have to turn a crank to open a certain gate. Once you do, go back and into the area with the holding cells. The statue is in one of them. The next one can be obtained after the part with the glowing orange writing on the wall. When you get into the hall with the giant cloaked statues, look at the one on the left – the locker key is in its hands.When you get to chapter 10, look to the rafters of the room you started the chapter in and you’ll find another statue.You will enter the Marrow: Restricted Labs in Chapter 11. There are two statues to be found here. Make sure you do not exit the area before you collect the second one. The first is found before the boss fight with O’Neal in the autopsy lab. Locker key statue is on a hanging lamp (look up!) that is next to one of the big white octagonal pillars with a fire extinguisher on it.Before you arm the explosives in the Marrow (after you fight O’Neal), make sure you look behind the emitter Torres is standing next to. There’s a statue behind it.

Revisiting Union Business District – Chapter 13 Statue Locations

The next locker key is in chapter 13, once you’re back in the business district. Look for it in the rubble northwest of the main intersection.While you’re there, take a look at the traffic lights above the intersection. There’s a statue on one of the poles. Afterwards, head into the bar southeast of the crossroads, and look for a locker key in the back room.You can also get one from the bathroom of the Juke Diner. It’s on a shelf in the dark. Your last stop in this area should be the safehouse up north. One of the keys is there, in a corner where a dead body used to be.

Chapter 14

The next key will be in Theodore’s stronghold during Chapter 14. When you get to the room with the burning cages, turn right into a corridor, then left. Follow the tunnel until you get to a cart with the statue inside.After you reach the third floor via a long staircase you will be in a sort of a maze with lots of fire barriers. When you get through all the fire barriers you will find yourself in a room with a leverr and metal doors. On the pipes in the room is the locker key. After you activate the lever you will have to fight some Spawn. After this is the third mirror and also the last chance for you to visit Sebastian’s room and unlock lockers. There is no map in this section so follow the instructions above to find it.

Shooting Range Locker Key Rewards

To collect all Locker keys in the game you will have to do the Shooting Range challenge. It is found in Sebastian’s Room after you reach Chapter 4. You can get 2 keys this way. One is obtained if you do Gallery on Very Hard and get 2500 score. Second is obtained when you get 70000 score in Chain Attack mode.