Evil Within 2 Residual Memories Locations - Echoes Within STEM Trophy

Residual memories are a type of collectible in The Evil Within 2. They’re echoes of the past which act as audio logs – they let Sebastian get a glimpse of events that took place before he arrived to STEM. There are twenty four of them in total, and finding them all will unlock the Echoes Within STEM achievement. A lot of them are in obvious places, impossible to miss while playing through the story, but some are off the beaten path. Since you’ll need those as well, we’re going to list all Evil Within 2 residual memory locations here.

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evil within 2 residual memory locations echos from stem trophy
Evil Within 2 Residual Memory Locations – Echoes Within STEM Trophy

Where to find residual memories?

One such memory can be found by the Krimson supermarket, in the western part of town. It’s on the western side of the building. If you keep going north from there, you’ll find another one in the office of the Auto Repair Shop.If you go into the first house you can enter past the church, the one with the green door and a dead soldier in front, you’ll find a residual memory. It’s way in the back, in a room with floodlights. You can also find one in the safe house in the northern part of town, next to the metal cart.While you’re exploring the abandoned train cars, you’ll have a chance to listen to yet another echo. It’s in the northernmost car, but it’s guarded by several enemies, so be careful. The next one is in the northwestern corner of the Marrow, in a corner by a metal crate. Once you get to the City Hall area, head to the gazebo a bit northwest from the safehouse and grab the memory. The next one is in the safehouse in the business district, next to some filing cabinets in the western part of the building.When you leave the safehouse, head south. As you pass the park, you’ll see a bunch of dead bodies in the middle of the street. Approach them to scan the memory. The first building to the south is the Juke Diner – enter it and go to the back. You’ll find a corpse in a chair, with a residual memory attached.Cross the main street and go into the alley on the other side. The collectible is next to the blue corrugated metal fence. The next one is obtained in chapter 8, when you go after Stefano. It’s on the top floor of the gallery, in front of the large painting with the bench below it.


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