Evil Within 2 Theodore and Stefano's Signature Creatures Explained

The Evil Within 2 has powerful signature enemies that are creations of human monsters, like Stefano and Theodore. In the latest Bethesda blog post, game director John Johanas reveals some info about them and their roles in the world.

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The Evil Within 2 Theodore and Stefano's Signature Creatures have unique abilities
The Evil Within 2 Theodore and Stefano’s Signature Creatures Have Unique Abilities

The signature creatures are meant to make combat even more challenging for Sebastian. They possess unique abilities and require taking a different approach. They are born in the STEM world, made by the human monsters found there.

We know a lot about Stefano’s twisted mind already. He was featured in almost every trailer, as well as a lot of screenshots. In the announcement trailer, we see some of his signature creatures. It is hard to miss them – he is known as a flashy photographer, and you’ll see his creations using the camera as well. These creatures, called Obscura, are hard to forget once you see their unique designs. Since they can move almost anywhere, it will be interesting to find their weakness, unless it’s the camera.

A lot about Stefano was revealed in the Survive gameplay trailer. This was the first time we got to see Lily’s point of view as well.

The other human monster with his own signature is Theodore. He and Stefano are Trent Haaga’s (the game’s writer) favorite enemies. We don’t know much about Theodore at this point, so he remains a mystery for now. If I were to guess, I would say he is the person preaching at the end of the first The Evil Within 2 trailer. It’s the scene where Lily is sitting on ground in a forest, in front of a bald guy with a cane. Shortly after, he raises up his cane, slams the ground and sends fire towards Lily, while a horde of enemies turn toward Sebastian. This horde could be his signature ability.

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