Sudden Strike 4 Launched Alongside a Release Trailer

Sudden Strike 4, the latest installment of the popular real time tactics game, has been released on PC. You can grab it for $50, but the Steam reviews don’t paint a pretty picture. The Playstation 4 version is going to launch tomorrow. Kalypso Media have published a release trailer, in case you’re not familiar with the game.

sudden strike 4 release trailer
Sudden Strike 4 launch trailer

If you haven’t played any of the previous three games, they are (and always were) about beating a specific World War 2 scenario with the limited troops at your disposal. There’s no building, no recruiting – although there are sometimes reinforcements. You basically have to win a battle with the units you’re given at the start of the mission. This includes infantry, tanks and other vehicles, and so on.

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The fourth game aims to freshen things up by adding an active pause, which lets you stop the game and issue commands without worrying about stuff like action per minute, misclicking and such. It also adds commanders to the fray, which are unique units with special abilities that help your troops or hinder enemies. So far, the response on Steam has been mixed – while some are praising the game for being a true successor, others are saying it doesn’t really improve on the previous ones. There are reports of poor performance and bugs as well, but those should be fixed in the coming days. The multiplayer is getting the most flak, mostly for being too different from what previous Sudden Strikes did with it. It would probably be best to look for some reviews or let’s plays before purchasing this one.

The developers have also released another General’s Handbook video, this time dealing with Soviet forces. It will teach you the basics of this faction, how to play them well and how to counter their strengths.

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