Evil Within 2 Whispers From the Past Events Will Yield Interesting Stuff

The Evil Within 2 will try to make you question your sanity using events called Whispers From the Past. These events are scattered around the map, and will provide certain benefits in terms of much needed resources, or additional lore. Think of them as a tiny side quests.

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The Evil Within 2 Whispers from the Past Events Yield Interesting Stuff
The Evil Within 2 Whispers from the Past Events Yield Interesting Stuff

The communicator device will help you find these events on the map. It’s the same device that lets the protagonist, Sebastian, stay in contact with the outside world. It’s a useful tool, as it can direct you to nearby points of interest. They can be locations worth exploring, or fallen Mobius agents, who provide you with much needed resources. If you are going in with guns blazing, you’ll definitely want to check them out.

The whispers from the past, explained in a recent blog post, represent events from Sebastian’s past. Although the sequel can be played without even touching the first game, these events will cover some of the affairs from the past.

For example, one is found near the safe house at the start of the large open world map in Union. If you stumble upon a house with a tipped over old-fashioned hospital bed inside, the communicator device will pick up a signal. It’ll play a recording from one of Sebastian’s psychological evaluations that took place after the end of the previous game.

Going through the house, after a certain action is performed, reality will shift. For example, once you enter the garage and find the evaluation note, the scenery in the nearby room will shift into the past. On the TV that is now turned on, Sebastian will see himself in the area just like the one from the previous game. You might remember this from the previous trailer, the scene where he is tied to a chair and a creature pulls him down into a pool of blood.

Shortly after, he is once again back in Union, while “Never forget” is written on the wall of the house. This is the type of madness that will keep players on their toes through the entire game.

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