Barrel Locations in The Last Guardian - Lock, Stock & Barrel Trophy

There are glowing barrels you can feed Trico in The Last Guardian. Each one heals him slightly, restoring his horns or wings a little. The more barrels you feed him, the better he’ll feel. We don’t really know what kind of effect they have on gameplay, but it’s nice to be nice. Apart from that, if you let him eat all the barrels in the game, you’ll unlock the Lock, Stock and Barrel trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all The Last Guardian barrel locations, and help you get that trophy.

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Note: We would like to thank SteveBob7 for his great contribution.

Last Guardian Hidden Barrels

No.Barrel Location GuideMap Screenshot
1-3There are three barrels in the cave you start the game in. Look at the ruined building Trico is turned towards. There are barrels on top of it both to the left and right. There’s also a locked door on the left, which is opened using the lever. Another barrel is behind it.Barrels Last Guardian
4-5In the second room, there are two barrels on the lower ledge (the one on the right), and one on the higher ledge (6). You’ll have to climb Trico in order to reach both places.Barrels Location Last Guardian
7-9Once you reach the lake (with the bright waterfall), you’ll have to use Trico’s lightning to break down the barricade on the wall on the left. Go inside and climb up, and you’ll find a crate with three barrels. Push it off the ledge to break it.Last Guardian Barrels
9bIn the same room as the previous ones, behind the bright glowing waterfall. You have to call Trico to come there and use him to climb the moss. Follow the moss path to the small cave.Wooden Barrels Where to Find Them The Last Guardian
10You’ll have to use Trico’s lightning ability to destroy the large door. Once it’s destroyed, a large stone pillar will fall down. Go inside the next room. Trico won’t follow you, so you’ll have to make your way to the second floor and call him from there. At the end of this hallway there is a barrel below some wooden bars.Barrels Location in Last Guardian Game
11Within the next room with the tall ceiling there are several parts of the wall that you can climb. Use them to get to the next barrel.Where to find barrels last guardian Climb to reach it.
12You’ll need to destroy another wooden door a little further inside. This part of the cave looks like a mine shaft. There is also a “hidden” mine shaft. It leads to another food source for Trico.Barrels_Last_Guardian_Location
13Soon enough, you’ll have to destroy a colorful mirror. Find a small entrance to a narrow, long hallway near this mirror. Collect what you find inside.Wooden Barrels Last Guardian
14The next one, is found as soon as you let Trico go through the locked gate. It is at the end of the next hallway. It is really hard to miss it, as it’s very bright.Last Guardian Wooden Barrels
15-16After a long sequence, where you’ll watch one longer cutscene, you’ll fight the first enemies and once more end up in the open. This is where you’ll find another room with a tall ceiling. Use Trico’s tail to reach its upper levels. There are two collectibles.Barrels in the Last Guardian
17Inside the room with many large stone pillars, on the ground to your left, you’ll find another one.The Last Guardian Barrels Locations
18Within the next part, Trico’s tail will get stuck in a gate. You’ll have to set him free. This is where many enemies also show up. Set Trico free. Once you leave this hallway and go up to the open, go to your right. At the end of this path there is a barrel.Last Guardian Barrel Locations
19-22Opposite from the previous one, you’ll find a small passage that leads to a small room. This is where you learn about Issuing commands to Trico. Order him to destroy the wooden cage that holds four barrels.Issue Trico Command to break barrels Last Guardian
23Just like the previous two locations, this one is also found in the same place. Just before Trico goes through the small passage, look up. There is a small, dark place with the collectible.Lighting Barrels Last Guardian
23bAfter you make Trico jump over the broken bridge, make him prop up. Use him as a ladder and climb on top of the structure to your right.Missing Wooden Barrel The Last Guardian
24You’ll make Trico open the gate by putting a cup with glowing blue stuff on a long chain. Inside the next area, behind metal bars, is the next one.All Barrels in the Last Guardian
25After the long jumping railway sequence, you’ll have to fight off several enemies. In this zone, use the chain (takes you to the mirror) and climb on it. On the platform you’ll find what you seek.All Barrels In Last Guardian
26-27We are now outside. Make Trico prop up on the nearby pillars. On one of the balconies up here, there are two barrels.Lighting Barrels the Last Guardian
28You can’t miss this one. It is part of the main story. Since Trico is hungry and weak, you’ll have to find him food. Go under the half-closed door. It leads into the room with railway tracks. Inside, in the dark, there is a barrel you’ll have to carry to Trico.Where to find barrels in the last guardian
29A bit further into the game, you and Trico will fall down through a rooftop. Trico will once more need food. This one is right in front of him, but inside the other room. You’ll have to toss it around to make it to the second floor, and then to Trico.Last Guardian Lighting Barrels
30We are now inside the room where you fought off several enemies. Two of them had to be pushed since they carried mirrors and prevented Trico from moving forward. Take a look at the nearby “prison” bars door. There is a slight hole you can go through. It leads to the next Trico treat.The Last Guardian Barrel Locations
30bDon’t leave the previous area yet. Take one of the defeated enemies’ helmets. Carry it to the other side of the room, where the three inactive soldiers are. Use the helmet to activate the farthest one. The hidden room with the barrel is behind him.Missing Wooden Barrel Location The Last Guardian
31After the room with green gas and a bit of swimming and jumping, Trico will need more food. You can’t miss this barrel as it is part of the story. It is found inside a room close by. What is tricky about this one is that you’ll need to use the boxes found near it. Toss the barrel onto the boxes and through the gate gap.Wooden Barrels in the Last Guardian
32Climb on the edge of the large arena where the seats are. Walk around it until you spot the collectible, next to one of the stone pillars.Barrels in the Last Guardian Game
32bBefore you leave the arena, you need to jump on the cart and make Trico propel you. Before you do it, have a soldier’s helmet next to you. Once Trico propels you to the upper floor, the helmet will be there as well. Take it to the inactive soldier on the same floor. The small hidden room with the barrel is behind him.All Barrel Locations in The Last Guardian Game
33We’ve left the grand arena, and found ourselves on the rooftops. From here, with a little help from Trico, you’ll jump on top of the waterfall. At the other side of it, in the corner, there is something hidden.Barrels Last Guardian Game Location
33bt one point, you’ll make Trico dive into a long, underwater cave tunnel. In the next flooded room, use Trico as a bridge to the hidden area from where the light is coming. Several flooded stone pillars are in front of it.Wooden Missing Barrels Last Guardian
34Trico lays down once more (you have to get this collectible). This is the part where we use the metal cage elevator. Grab the head armor piece from one metal-bar cage and take it to the second one. Once you are on the lower level, take the metal head piece to the inactive enemy. The metal head piece will activate it and reveal the location of the barrel behind him.Wooden Lighting Barrels Last Guardian
35Further into the game, you and Trico jump through a hole in the ceiling. Before you continue further, take a look to the side. There is a passage that leads to our treasure!Location of the Wooden Barrels in Last Guardian
35bLater in the game you’ll make an attempt to reach the white tower. Trico does his first mini flight here. This attempt ends with both of you inside the other tower. To leave it, you’ll have to go to the top of the long stairs and beyond from there. This is where you should stop, and look for a small entrance in the wall. It leads to another set of stairs, and eventually the barrel.Missing Wooden Barrels Whereabouts Last Guardian
36-37There is a really long sequence before the next one. Once more, the next several barrels are part of the main story. To reach the first one, you’ll have to destroy the debris above Trico. Use the chain to get there and toss them down.Where to find more food for Trico Last Guardian
38-39The next two are inside the same room as the previous two. Aim for the two mine carts next to Trico. This action will reveal two hidden barrels.Trico Barrels Last Guardian
40The next locations are all reachable once we get to the White Tower. For this one, you’ll have to ask Trico to prop up. Do it near the four balconies from where enemies were attacking you. Inside one of the balconies is the barrel.Trico Wooden Barrels Last Guardian
41The next one is a bit tricky. Find the gate that takes you inside the White Tower. Right from it, go to the edge of the tower. Call for Trico. Once Trico sits, grab its tail and make it drop down the edge. Use it as ladders to go down. There is a barrel on the platform bellow. Be sure to jump towards it, or close to it.Trico Barrels in Last Guardian
42The last one we found is not that hard to miss. Once you go up riding a cage elevator, you’ll spot a room with many broken barrels. One of them is not, so grab it.Final Barrel Last Guardian