The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 1 - Cave Starting Area

The Last Guardian is a long awaited game that combines action-adventure and puzzle elements. In this Last Guardian guide, we are going show you how to finish the starting area, how to free the giant animal, where to find barrels for Trico. If you’re stuck anywhere during the opening hour, read on to see the first part of our Last Guardian walkthrough.

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the last guardian walkthrough part 1

Last Guardian Starting Area Walkthrough

Go to Trico and pull the spears out of him. One spear is located in his right shoulder and the other one is in his left hind leg. Look around you and you will see some barrels close to you. Two of them are located on top of staircases, one left and the other one right. The third one is found in a locked room. To get to that one, you must pull the lever to unlock it. Bring the barrels to Trico, and move away from him so he can eat. Once he is finished, pull the lever on his neck to free him.

Make your way to the next room, and climb on Trico’s back to reach the two barrels. Follow the tunnel behind the barrel. In the large room, you will find a mirror on the floor. Pick it up and head back to Trico. Climb to the top of his head to reach the high barrel.

Go back to the room you came from, and use the mirror on the wall across the room from the tunnel. Go through the hole, keep following the ledge and use the mirror to clear your way. You will find yourself in front of a lake. Once again, use the mirror to break down the door on your left. Go inside and climb the chain. You will find a crate that contains three barrels. Push the crate off the ledge for it to break. Throw the barrels into the lake and that will lure Trico down. Climb onto his back, and let him get you up to the ledge. Crawl through the small opening, and you will finally see the light of the day.

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