The Last Guardian Gets Permanent 20 Dollar Price Cut

The Last Guardian, the latest game from Team Ico, got a permanent price cut. The new price is $39.99. If you’re on the fence about buying the game, this would be the ideal moment to get it. The discount probably serves to boost the game’s sales, since it missed the Black Friday window.

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The Last Guardian Gets Permanent Price Cut
The Last Guardian Gets Permanent Price Cut

The Lat Guardian spent almost a decade in development. Gamers even started giving up on the successor of Shadow of the Colossus. It finally came out on December 4th 2016, to a somewhat polarizing reception. The grand adventure of a boy and his giant cat-dog-bird earned praise for the setting, atmosphere, storytelling and the creature’s AI. However, the gameplay was unpolished, the frame rate would dip occasionally, and the AI was too stubborn at times. You can read our The Last Guardian review for more details.

Because of its launch date, the game missed out on the winter holiday sales. That hurt its sales somewhat, and that’s likely why Sony introduced this discount. Once again, this isn’t a temporary deal. You can now get the game for $39.99, twenty dollars less than the original price. This is the reason why you can see the same price on Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy, as well as on the PlayStation Store.

It’s worth noting, however, that many gamers are skeptical towards this price drop. They’re expressing worries that this means the game’s flaws won’t get patched. That might well prove to be true. On the other hand, all three Team Ico games had the same problems. To be fair, we all kinda expected them to fix those issues in those ten years. Still, even in its current state, the game is a worthwhile experience, especially now at a 33% discount.

Of course, now that Sony cut the game’s price permanently, you could even wait for the inevitable sale, where they’ll drop the price even further. Your call.

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