The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 3 - Magic Cage

The Last Guardian is an action puzzle game that lets you play as a boy who has a pet monster. In The Last Guardian Walkthrough part 3, we’re going to help you through the area where you face enemies for the first time and find out how to pet Trico to calm him down. We’ll try to help with puzzles and barrel locations.

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Last Guardian Magic Cage Walkthrough

Call Trico using the R1 button and as he comes down, the blue crystal will start to emit energy. This will cause Trico to become frenzied and eat you. After the cutscene, you will see him lying on the floor. Climb down his tail and jump on the platform. Climb into the small opening on the left and follow the tunnel. As you exit the crawlspace, head up the ladder and pull the lever.

Jump down and go into the room. A lot of enemies called Suits of Armor will come after you, but Trico will wake up and defeat them. Go inside the room once more. Trico will follow, but he will be angry. Climb on top of him and pet him using the Circle button until he calms down. Jump onto the platform above and go into the next room. Make a jump and walk slowly over the beams. Grab the chain and climb up to emerge from the well.

Approach the edge overlooking the cage and Call Trico. He will jump up. Climb onto him and he will leap forward into a new area. Trico will push his head into a small gap, obsessed with scent from a giant cauldron. Pull the cauldron to the middle of the room and he will move to the middle hole. Get out, climb onto him and pull yourself up using the vines. Descend the ladder and close the lid. Go out and head right. You’ll come to the edge of the area. Trico, however, will jump onto higher ground, so go back to him and grab his tail. Jump from his back onto the platform on the left and climb up. Go through the crack in the wall.

Head left, then down into the big area. Go in the temple and climb up towards the right. Keep climbing until Trico jumps on the next platform. Grab his tail and climb on his head. Take the barrel from the room on the left, get as close to Trico as you can and throw it to him. Jump over the broken bridge and you’ll see another barrel that you should give him. Keep to the right side of the room, pull the lever and head deeper into the temple.

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