The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 4 - Free Trico

Team ICO’s newest game, The Last Guardian, is full of puzzles. Some of them can be real headscratchers. Along with the puzzles, there are barrels strewn across the game. You use them to feed Trico, your giant animal friend. In The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 4, we continue to show you barrel locations and how to solve puzzles in The Last Guardian.

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Free Trico in The Last Guardian

After you’ve solved the previous puzzle, go down the stairs. Follow the only open path into the large, cavernous area. Climb down to the bottom. There’s a barrel down there in the right corner, so bring it to the center of the room. Trico will follow you down and destroy the suits of armor that are waiting down there. Don’t forget to pet him so that he calms down.

Use Trico to climb onto the ledge opposite from where you climbed down. Follow this path and climb down the left wooden staircase, then drop into the water. There are enemies down there, so let Trico take care of them. Calm him down, then climb up the ladder on the right. Once there, go to your left into the large hallway.

At one point, Trico’s tail will get stuck in a metal gate. You have to release him, so go up the small staircase on your left. Pull the lever, and an enemy will spring to life. Hurry over to Trico and let him handle the situation. Proceed down the corridor you just opened. There’s several enemies there, so run around them and quickly climb the ladder on the right. Follow the narrow corridor until you reach a lever, then pull it to release Trico’s tail. He’ll make short work of the enemies.

Go outside and to the right. You’ll see a crumbling staircase and path leading to a dead end, but there’s a barrel at the end, so go and get it. After that, go back and pass through the metal gate on the left. Follow the path into a small opening with stone pillars. You’ll learn about issuing commands to Trico. To practice this, lead him to walk over a crate with several barrels in it. That will break the crate and so allow Trico to eat them.

Once you get the hang of the whole commands thing, climb onto your friend and direct him towards the area with the balconies. He’ll prop up against the wall and allow you to climb up there. Follow the only path that you can (tread carefully as there is a pitfall you need to jump over) and walk through the small, weird-shaped opening. You’ll find a lever you can pull there, so go ahead and pull. Call Trico, and look to the left of the lever. You’ll notice there’s a barrel up there, so once Trico comes to you, command him to prop up against the wall, climb up there and get the barrel.

After you feed him, climb back up and command him to jump over the chasm on your left. Again to your left, there’s a few pillars holding up some arches. Use Trico to get up there and climb the ladder. Follow the new path, and when you reach the end, hop up onto the metal bar, then up into a very tight crawlspace.

Once on the other side, drop down or climb down. There are two enemies there that are spinning around. Avoid their gaze and pull the lever to let Trico in and take care of them, then pet him to calm him down.

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