The Last of Us 2 Coast Safe Combination & Location - Seattle Day 1 Part 2

Coast ferry safe is one of the many safes you’ll encounter in The Last of Us II. You can find it in the Coast area of the Seattle Day 1 part 2 chapter, aboard the beached ferry. The combination is clearly written on a piece of paper, but that piece of paper is in another part of the boat, and you might have trouble finding it. This guide is going to help by showing you TLOU 2 Coast safe combination & location.

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Coast ferry safe location & combination – Seattle Day 1 part 2

The safe is hidden in plain sight, next to the ship controls on the bridge. Get up to the sun deck, turn around and you’ll see a big hole in the plating. Go through it and you’ll end up face to face with the safe.

In order to discover the code, you have to find an artifact called Mutiny Note. It’s a letter in which one of the ship’s crew reveals the code to a passenger, who apparently had military training and would be able to make good use of the things inside. If that doesn’t imply good things await inside, I don’t know what does. You’ll find the note below the mezzanine deck, on a stretcher at the end of a long chamber.

In case that sounds like too long of a walk for a simple set of numbers, the Coast safe combination is 90 77 01. Once you’ve made your way inside the damned thing, you’ll find a training manual that lets you learn ordnance skills, some scavenge parts, supplements and a handful of ammo for the pistol and shotgun. It seems like the note was right – training manuals are among the most valuable items in the game. In case you get stuck with another safe, be sure to check out our TLOU2 safe combinations & locations guide.


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