The Last of Us 2 Hotel Blacray Gym Safe Combination & Location - Descent

The safe and the safe code in The Last of Us Part 2 The Descent are both located at the very beginning of the chapter. Finding both the safe and the code can be pretty difficult, especially because the clue for the code is hidden away even better than the safe itself. So, it can be difficult figuring out how to unlock and open the safe in The Descent. That being the case, here’s our The Descent Hotel Blacray Gym Safe & Code location in Seattle Day 2 Last of Us 2 guide to help you out.

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Gym Safe & Code Location in Seattle Day 2 Last of Us 2
The Descent Safe & Code Location in Seattle Day 2 Last of Us 2

Descent Hotel Blacray Gym Safe Code Location – Seattle Day 2

To find the safe code in the Descent chapter of The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2, look for the WiFi password in the Blacray Hotel gym. Basically, from the pool you fall into at the start of the chapter, head through the glass door, past the vending machines, and into the gym. Walk through the gym and keep an eye out for the counter on the right. The WiFi password is right next to the hand sanitizer dispenser.

If you want to find the artifact that reveals the location of the code, continue through the gym and head to the right, into the next corridor, and proceed into the Orchards juice bar on the left. Turn left again, and go into the kitchen behind the counter. The note is pinned onto the cork board in the middle of the wall.

The last of Us 2 Hotel Safe Location – Seattle Day 2 The Descent

To find the Hotel safe location, let’s backtrack to the counter where you find the WiFi code. In case you haven’t managed to figure it out, the code is 121879; at least, that’s what it was for us. Exit the gym towards the door into the stairwell. To the left of you, across from the reception desk, there’s a door that leads into a storage closet. The safe is in the corner on the right. Inside, we found some supplements, water, and scavenged materials.

So, that’s all there is to it when it comes to finding the safe and its code in The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2 The Descent. If you need further help, check out our other Last of Us Part 2 guides.


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