The Last of Us 2: How to Cycle & Change Weapons Guide

Changing and swaping weapons in The Last of Us 2 is one of the most useful mechanics in the game. It allows you to keep and change weapons in your holsters for easier, faster access, which might make all the difference when you’re in a tight spot and ammo is scarce. If you haven’t been paying attention, and don’t know how to do this stuff, here’s our How to Swap & Cycle Through Weapons in Last of Us 2 guide to help you out.

tlou2 swap weapons
Last of Us 2 Weapon Slotting

Last of Us 2 – How to Cycle Through & Swap Weapons?

To switch between your holstered weapons in The Last of Us 2, you have to press left or right on the d-pad. That way, you cycle through the weapons that you already have in your holsters. If you want to swap the weapons in these slots, press left or right on the d-pad and hold Square. From there, you can pick and choose which weapon you want to slot where.

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You can also quickly swap between your weapons by pressing R1. That’s pretty much the faster method to flick between your armaments, which, depending on the situation, can make all the difference between life and death. Don’t forget, the game will also provide you with more holsters that you’ll have to find, such as the long gun holster in Barko’s Pet Shop in downtown Seattle, and others.

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