How to Enter the Locked Room With the Rope in the Conference Center Seattle day 2 Seraphites

Conference Center locked room in Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2 Seraphites is a door that you’ll come across in this chapter as you explore the center. There’s no way to unlock the locked door in the Conference Center from your side, so you’ll have to get creative and solve a small puzzle using the rope and strategically broken glass. The room is full of goodies, including a trading card, an artifact, scavenged parts, and more. Since it’s truly worth your while to figure your way into this room, here’s our How to Enter Locked Room with Rope in Conference Center Seattle day 2 – The Seraphites guide to help you out.

TLOU2 How to enter the locked room with the rope in the conference center seattle day 2 seraphites
How to Enter Locked Room with Rope in Conference Center Seattle day 2 – The Seraphites
Last of Us 2 Seraphites Seatte Day 2 How to Enter Conference Center Locked Room with Rope?

To enter the locked room in Last of Us 2 Seraphites Conference Center, we’ll need to use the rope. Break the glass canopy, throw the rope over it, and climb into the room. From the the other side of the door, we can now unlock it. Pretty roundabout way to solve this problem, considering the door has some broken glass parts you could squeeze your hand through.

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Anyway, pick up the rope that’s just next to the elevator and bring it to the window close to the locked door. Break the large window, and the glass canopy above it. Take the rope and throw it above the metal bar holding the canopy just outside of the room we are trying to get in. There is a metal piece at the end of this bar that will not let the rope slide down, thus making this work.

When the rope is in position, head down by jumping or backtracking through the elevator shaft. Get to the rope and start climbing. This will allow you to get inside the locked room after a few rope swings. From this side, as we’ve said you can now unlock the door. Some of the good stuff hidden here includes ingredients, scavenged parts, ammunition, the Letter to Husband artifact, and the Shift trading card.

Seraphites Conference Center Locked Door Location

Near the start of the Seattle Day 2 Seraphites chapter, you’ll go through a quickmart. Be sure to grab all the items inside the store, including the Randy Styles trading card. Since the other side of the store is covered in vines, you’ll need to leave through one of the side windows. This path takes us to a crossroad, with the Route 5 South interstate sign. On the same crossroad, look at the ruined building next to the quickmart, aka the Conference Center. On its bottom floor, just above the front entrance there’s the “Con – nce Center” sign, so you won’t miss it.

TLOU2 Seraphite Conference Center Entrance Location

Go inside the building, and read the sign on the wall that says “Feel Her Love”, as it counts as a journal entry. On the Center’s bottom floor, find an elevator shaft. It has a yellow ladder, so use it to climb to the upper section. Go to the other shaft and make your way over the elevator here. Crawling under a small entrance from the elevator takes you to the second floor. At the opposite side from the elevator, you can find the locked door.

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