Last of Us 2 Bank Vault Seattle Safe Combination & Location - Downtown

Bank vault safe code allows you to open a safe in Westlake Bank in The Last of Us 2. This Seattle safe is located inside a bank vault in the Downtown area of the Last of us 2. There are some artifacts inside, a cool Easter egg and a new weapon, and the combination is easy to miss. Finding the Easter egg item helps you complete the So Great and Small trophy. This guide is going to make sure you open it, by showing you Last of Us 2 bank vault code.

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Last of Us 2 Bank Vault Seattle Safe Code

Where’s the last of us 2 Seattle safe?

Once you reach Seattle Downtown you’ll have a map and the bank is the southernmost building on there. On the corner of Cherry ST and 6th Avenue. Go inside and clear out the enemies. The bank vault is hard to miss. When you’re standing in the lobby with the logo, go into the next room and head left. Follow the path to end and you’ll reach the safety deposit box area. The vault access door is in there.

last of us 2 Seattle Bank Vault location

Last of Us 2 bank vault code

Figuring out the Last of Us 2 Seattle safe code is actually pretty easy. The only reason you might miss it is if you stumbled around in the dark like we did, forgetting you even had a flashlight. There’s a paper on the floor mere feet away from the door, in the deposit box room. Yes, it’s that easy. The combination is literally written on the paper.

Well even though it’s that easy, we passed the paper a few times before figuring it out, so it might happen to you too. The combination for unlocking it is 60 23 06, by the way. You’ll find lots of cool stuff in the Seattle Downtown bank vault safe, so make sure you check every nook and cranny of the room once you’re in. And remember the flashlight! It’s a literal lifesaver, but the game tricks you into thinking you won’t need it much with bright, glowing exteriors. The interiors are largely bearable without it, as well, but sometimes it really is necessary – like in this instance.

Make sure you check everything because an Easter egg item can be found inside the Seattle safe. Picking it up will also help you complete one of the trophies in the game. If you need further help check out the video guide to opening the last of us 2 bank vault.


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