Last of Us 2 How to Unlock Red Door in Theatre

There is a locked red door in the Pinnacle Theatre in The Last of Us 2. You’ll happen upon it when you take shelter inside during Seattle Day 1. It’s a big, double door that leads into the main projection hall and you might have trouble opening it. If you do, this guide will show you how to open locked door in Theatre in TLoU2 Seattle Day 1.

last of us 2 how to unlock theatre door
Last of Us 2 How to Unlock Red Door in Theatre

How to open red door in Pinnacle Theatre?

You won’t be able to open the door without the proper key. To get it, you should first head upstairs. Once you’re there, immediately look to the right. There will be white door next to the bar, with a plaque that reads “employees only”. Go through there and follow the corridor to the window.

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Open the window and get out onto the terrace. Climb the ladder up to the roof and follow the yellow cable. You’ll end up in a room with a generator. Pull the generator to start it, then head back down the ladder.

Once you’re inside, go straight into the projection room. There’s a radio on a desk there, and you can use it now. Sadly, it won’t help. But Ellie will hit it in frustration, and it’ll slide to the side a bit, revealing a key ring hidden under it. That’s the key you’re looking for – now all you have to do is head back to the door and use it.

It’s a bit of a conundrum, and the road from door to key isn’t all that intuitive, especially as it ends up being resolved magically, when you get the key through sheer luck rather than any good detective work on your part. These kinds of magical resolutions can take away from the sense of accomplishment, but hey, at least you got where you wanted to be.

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