The Last of Us 2 New Gameplay Footage & Details Released

New gameplay footage and details from The Last of Us Part 2 have been revealed. We got to see two different seasons, several characters and their relationships, and more. By more, I mean new enemy types, new traversal abilities, dodging, the works. Definitely a step up from the previous games, gameplay-wise.

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The Last of Us 2 New Gameplay Footage & Details Released
The Last of Us 2 New Gameplay Footage & Details Released

The promotional push for The Last of Us 2 is slowly gathering steam, even though the launch is pretty far away. One presumes the hype train is also leaving the station, and I doubt there are any brakes on it. Recently, we got to see more of the gameplay from the upcoming sequel, which you can check out below. We also got a fairly comprehensive breakdown of the gameplay on PlayStation Blog. So, let’s briefly go over some of the stuff.

For one, Ellie is more mobile than Joel. She can jump, climb, and dodge. In other words, both combat and, more importantly, traversal is going to be more interesting with the addition of verticality and more dexterity. There will be new enemies, too, such as the Shamblers. They are bloated monstrosities that take a lot of damage, and explode when they get too close. Also, when it comes to human enemies, they’re gonna be smarter than before, and will have guard dogs. Said dogs will be able to catch your scent, adding yet another thing you’ll have to worry about.

So, there you have it, in broad strokes. The Last of Us Part 2 is gonna offer even more to sink your teeth into than its predecessor, no pun intended. Which is exactly what any good sequel should do. Only a couple of months left to go until the gaming public gets to experience it all for themselves. Those that have a PlayStation 4, that is. The Last of Us Part 2 launches on Friday, February 21st, 2020.

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