Dauntless Has Left Early Access, Adding Fist Weapons & More

Dauntless, the monster hunting game that isn’t Monster Hunter, has finally left early access. Version 1.0 was released a few days ago, and it brought a bunch of new features to the game, along with a multitude of bug fixes. There’s a new trailer to commemorate the release of the new season, called Aether Unbound, and it shows off some of the new additions.

dauntless leaves early access
Dauntless Has Left Early Access, Adding Fist Weapons & More

The biggest addition are the fist weapons. They’re called aether strikers, and they’re the weapon of choice of the Adamant Fists monastic order. Now you’ll be able to use them, too. The developers says they’re probably the most technically complex weapon in the game, but promise the rewards for using them will be commensurate. Performing comboes will charge up your mantras, which can then be used to perform special techniques. They do blunt damage and are good at interrupting attacks.

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Changes have been made to the way the hunt pass works, too. Weekly challenges are out, bounties are in. The blog post mentions cards and tokens, as well as letting you do tasks you choose. The hunt pass armor will now be available to both basic and elite users – the latter will get the entire set at level 1, while the former will have to earn piece by piece as they progress. There’s a new hunt pass set that is unlocked at level 50 of the elite track – it’s an upgraded version of the first one, with aetheric glow.

They’ve also added a new dire behemoth, the Tempestborne Stormclaw, as well as a timed event quest that rewards you with dyes. If players react positively, event quests might turn into a regular occurrence. If not, you’ll have snagged a handful of paints for your participation. It’s a win either way.

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