TLOU2 Open Barko's Locked Door in Seattle Downtown - key location

Barko’s Pet Shop is a location in The Last of Us II in the Seattle Day 1 Downtown chapter and it is behind a locked door. In order to enter Barko’s Deliveries door, you have to find the appropriate key. The Downtown Barko’s Pet Shop key counts as an artifact. It’s very-well hidden in a place you’d never think to look for any key, let alone for a pet store. That being the case, in our Barko’s Locked Deliveries Door Key Location in Seattle Downtown guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Barko key and how to enter the pet shop. This will also help you complete the Sightseer Trophy that requires you to visit every location in downtown Seattle.

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Barkos Pet Store Last Of Us II
Barko’s Deliveries Locked Door Key Location in Downtown Seattle Day 1 – Last of Us 2

Barko’s Deliveries needs key – Door Location in Last of Us 2 Seattle Downtown

Locked door of Barko’s deliveries is located in an alley. It is in a block surrounded by 5th Ave, 6th Ave, Marion ST and Madison ST. If you come from the south, you’ll pass by Valiant Music Shop, while from the north, you’ll see the barricaded main entrance of Barko’s. Main entrance is inaccessible and you can only enter the deliveries back room, but the door is locked. You’ll have to thoroughly explore Seattle downtown to find the key’s location.

TLOU2 Barkos Locked Door Location

Where’s Barko’s key to the locked door and how to enter?

To find Barko’s Key in Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 Downtown chapter go to the Ruston’s Coffee bathroom. This shop is on the corner of Spring St and 5th Ave. It is just north from the courthouse, on the corner of a red building. The shop has a sign outside, just above the blue awning. To enter the store, you’ll need to break the shop’s window. If you are a collector, be sure to pick up the artifact from the counter, and a trading card from the drawer then head to the back.

The Ruston’s Coffe bathroom is at the back of the store. After you break the window, head straight to the dark doorway, the head to the right into the next room. On your left, you can spot a bathroom sign. Try not to get scared of what comes out of the bathroom stall. Deal with the new situation, and go toward the corner of the bathroom, next to the two sinks. The Barko’s Pet Store key is on what seems to be a baby changing table. Pick it up, and you can inspect it. On the other side of the dog bone keychain, you’ll also spot the same address that is on the sign next to the locked door behind Barko’s – 900 Marion and Sixth.

TLOU2 Barkos Key Location Pet Store

Treasure behind Barko’s locked door

This key is a part of the Downtown artifact collection. Once you pick up the key, you’ll immediately know where to use it, even if you’ve never been near Barko’s. Its location gets marked on the map for you, as a newly-undiscovered place of interest.

After you unlock the door, and explore the pet shop, you’ll find yourself inside what seems to be a WLF storage facility. Among a bunch of supplements, scavenged parts and ingredients, you’ll also find an artifact on the photocopier (part of Archivist Trophy), a new undiscovered location on the whiteboard, the Stun Bomb Recipe and the Long Gun Holster. When you loot and see everything, exit the store. Ellie will comment that you’ve found everything, and the question mark on the map will get crossed off.

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