The Last of Us 2 Open the Main Gate - Power it up, Extend the Cord and Enter Code

In The Last of Us II chapter Seattle Day 1 there’s a puzzle where you need to open the Main Gate. For whatever reason I had trouble with many steps of this puzzle. You first had to figure out how to power up the gate. I had trouble extending the cord to the main console. In the end you need to figure out the main gate code. We’ll show you how to do all of that in our The Last of Us 2 open the main gate guide, so you don’t have to go through all the trouble we did.

tlou2 main gate
How to Open Seattle Day 1 Main Gate in Last of Us 2 – Passcode, How to Extend Cord

How to Open the Gate in The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 chapter?

To open the main gate during Seattle Day 1, The Gate chapter in The Last of Us 2, the first step is to get inside the small command center at the bottom of the watchtower. You do that by smashing the window open and crawling inside. You can unlock the door from the inside for easier access in the future.

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Exit that room through the open back door, then head to the right to find the generator. Turn it on. Then, unlock and open the nearby gate door. Pick up the yellow extension cord lying next to the generator and take it to the fuse box just outside this small, gated area. Press the big red button to open the first gate. You can now go to the small window in the main gate to talk with Dina.

How to Extend the Cord to Open the Main Gate in Last of Us 2?

In the newly open area is another command center with a fuse box and you need to plug the cord you just used into it. You’ll notice that the yellow cable is not long enough for you to just carry it over to the new fuse box. Head back to the first fuse box and then unplug the yellow cord. Pick it up and then take it back to the generator. When you’re about level with the generator, turn towards the fence. While holding the extension cord use L2 on your controller. This should let you aim above the fence and then all you need to do is fling the cord across to the other side. Although, I used this mechanic before in the game I completely forgot about it at this point. I hope this reminder helps others like me.

Walk to the other side and pick the cord up again. Carry it up the steps and plug it into the second electrical box. Now, you can go around this building and go inside. There, you’ll find a console that opens the main gate. The only trouble with that is that it requires a passcode. That brings us to our next point.

What is the Main Gate Code and where to find it?

To find the Main Gate passcode, go back into the building where you broke the window. In the left corner of the desk just under said window, there’s a filing cabinet that you can interact with. Inside, you’ll find the Checkpoint Gate Codes artifact, which holds a number of codes (including the one for the main gate) and other useful information.

We don’t know whether the code changes depending on the playtrough, but I can tell you that our code was 0512. Armed with this new knowledge, head back into the room with the console and enter the code you got. Get back onto the horse with Dina and proceed with your journey. You can also see a step by step video guide if you visit our Youtube channel.

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