The Last Of Us 2 Trading Card Locations - Master Set Trophy

The Last of Us II trading cards locations are scattered throughout the game’s many chapters and subchapters. They’re almost exclusively available in the game’s first half, and there’s around 50 of them. All of the trading cards in The Last of Us II are based on a fantasy universe of superheroes and villains, and collecting them all will unlock the Master Set trophy. If that’s too much work, you can get the Starter Set trophy by finding just five. Not every trading card’s location is hidden – some are impossible to miss – but there is just so many of them. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, and you probably will, this guide will show you all The Last of Us 2 trading card locations. This textual version of the guide is full of good hints, but if you need a visual guide use this video of ours or scroll down to the end of this page.

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Trading Card Locations - Master Set Trophy - The Last Of Us 2

TLOU2 Jackson trading card locations

The first chapter in The Last of Us II is called Jackson and you can find four trading cards in it. Being the beginning of the game you might not concentrate on looking for collectibles right away. That is why I found some of these only after I’ve finished the game. They are fairly easy to find if you look hard enough. Still, if you’re having trouble feel free to use the information provided below.

Waking Up

1. Seismicayla – On a notice board on the house across the street from the barbecue place where you pet the dog in the middle of the road.
2. Keene Twins – In the bar where you talk to Maria. After the conversation is over, turn back towards the bar. Go to the far end, and you’ll find a darts board there with a barrel below it. The card will be on the barrel.


3. As you enter the area with a trailer home in center, look to your right, and you’ll see a house with an awning. Use the car underneath to climb to the house’s upper floor, and loot the Tesseracter trading card from a bookcase.
4. Inside the library, in the room with the toys (one being the giraffe journal entry), head into the dark corner, wherein lies the CEO SPARK trading card.

Seattle Day 1 All Trading card locations – The Last of Us II

Seattle Day 1 is a huge chapter consisting of eight sub-chapters containing trading cards. There are 24 cards in total to be found. This accounts for half of all cards in the game. Below you will find information for each sub-chapter. It took hours to find the one card I was missing in the Gate. If you want to avoid the trouble I went to then feel free to use the info below.

Seattle Day 1 All Trading card locations - The Last of Us II

The Gate

5. The first Trading Card in Seattle Day 1 The Gate chapter is in the forest near the beginning of the chapter, at the right side of the abandoned bus stop that’s next to a few cars. It’s called The Motivator.
6. The second one is in the mobile office next to some road crew equipment. To the left of the door is a cork-board to which the Starfire Kids trading card is pinned.
7. The third one is at the top of the watchtower. Climb up the wall and onto the other side, then head through the wall on the left, and climb the ladder on the left. The Chessmaster trading card is on the small table.
8. Take the extension cord from the generator and throw it over the adjoined command center building. Use it to climb to the top of the building, and then you’ll find the Oozer trading card on the ground next to the chair, under some supplements and materials. This was the hardest trading card in the game for me to find.

oozer trading card location in the gate chapter

Seattle Downtown Trading Cards

9. Doctor Uckmann is inside the table found at the highest platform of a ruined building at the southwestern corner of Marion ST and 6th Ave. Fun fact, the name of this card is a reference to the game director of The Last of Us II – Neil Dr uckmann.
10. Das Wort is in a drawer inside Valiant Music Shop, located at the northeastern corner of Marion ST and 5th Ave.
11. Big Blue is inside the Ruston Coffee shop, located at the northeastern corner Spring St and 5th Ave.
12. The Flo trading card is inside a safe behind the “Gate West 2” sign on Madison ST, between 4th and 5th Ave.
13. Serevena hotel, the WLF building with a large wolf banner on the wall outside, is your next destination. As you climb to the first floor, go inside the room with the white door. Proceed forward until you find two beds and a nightstand between them, where you can find the Know it All trading card.

Eastbrook Elementary

14. Cardio – In the second floor apartment near the school buses. This is the one you jump into from the school roof. Go into the bedroom on the right and check out the drawer in the night stand by the bed overgrown with ivy.

Capitol Hill trading cards

15. Kinnard, Esq – In building number 3 of the complex with the pool. In a drawer next to the couch.

16. Rockafella – In a room at the Capitol Inn. Go into the alley on the left, climb through the window, and look for it on the floor next to the trash can.

17. Doctor Stem – In the book store, on a table next to the record player in the hallway.

18. Sergeant Frost – In the building with the purple awnings, past the basketball court and parking. It’s in a locker accessible from the garage.

19. Candelabra – Next to the ATM in the liquor store in the sectioned off part before the valley.

20. Bizzarebra – On a bookshelf in the Wellwishers donation center, after the valley.

Channel 13

21. The trading card in Seattle Day 1 chapter Channel 13 can be found in one of the large, fancy offices in the building, the ones you access after walking across the narrow walkway outside of the large windows. Go into the office opposite from the one you shimmied into, left of the corpse leaning on the door, and check the desk.

The Tunnels Trading Card Location – TLOU 2

22. Just before the door that leads into a room with the red light, go to the side of the train car. On the ground just below it is the Imp trading card.

23. Once inside a long hallway, with horizontally-laid pipes on the side, go inside the storage room on your right. Jump over the desk, and follow the short path toward the Dr. Daniela Star card.

24. As you make your way outside, look out for the red crate / soda machine / whatever it is that is on your main path. Go underneath the nearby train car and you’ll find Bastet‘s trading card in the suitcase.

The Birthday Gift

25. The first trading card in the Birthday Gift part of the chapter can be found on the bench behind the triceratops in the dinosaur exhibit. Simply walk around the triceratops and look to your right.

26. Trading Card #2 in this chapter comes significantly later, after the space exhibit and swimming over to the Natural History building. The first exhibit in the other building is a moose surrounded by wolves. Look in the left corner and under the bench for the second trading card.

The Theatre

27. Mortem – In a display case behind the counter on the ground floor. You’ll have to break the glass.
28. Beyond – In a pile of furniture in a corner of the upstairs corridor.

Seattle Day 2 Trading card Locations – Last of Us II

Second day in Seattle will take you through only three sub-chapters that contain the collectible. It is still a very long section of the game. I reckon you’ll need all the help you can get. There are 12 trading cards total here. There are five in Hillcrest and one of them was a very difficult to find, but don’t fret because you have us to help. Finding strings only has one, but it was in a surprising location. Lastly, there are 6 in the Seraphites chapter.


29. Wachumero – As soon as you start, turn around and drop down into the hole, then look for the card in the car.
30. Sahir the Sorcerer – After you cross the overturned truck, head left through the bushes. Go into the hole and climb up using the crate. Break the window and get into the paper shop – the card is on the pile of boxes in the corner.
31. Naledi the Youthful – You have to push a garbage container in place to jump onto a roof of a garage to progress further. You’ll enter a bicycle shop from the back. You’ll be in a room with a workbench. From facing the workbench turn right and go to the back corner and then pluck the card from the bicycle wheel wire spokes.

32. Brainstorm – In the yellow toy house in the yard of the house with the white pergola and hot tub.
33. Reverb trading card was the hardest one to locate in Hillcrest. It is found under a bed in one of the houses in the area where you fight a bunch of wolves. After you pick up the bow and go past the small shooting practice area you will be in the area with the wolves. Go left all the way to the end of the road and look to the house on your right. Climb the stairs that take you to the door above the garage. Go through the room to the right and there will be three doors next to the stairs. Enter the second door to the right. Under the bed in this room is the trading card.

Finding Strings

34. Austringer – After you go down the hill, head towards the music shop. Climb over the trailer and go down into the hole. You’ll find it in the back seat of the car.

The Seraphites Trading Card Locations – Last of Us Part 2 – Seattle Day 2

35. Near the start, where you enter a Quickmarket, you’ll find the Randy Styles trading card on a shelf, under the Smooth Taste poster.
36. Head into a hidden room above the entrance into the Conference Center. The Shift Trading card is inside this room, which you access via the rope.
37. The Star Sign trading card is hidden in a room across from the metal gate you’re supposed to jump over in order to continue with the story. To get to this room, you’ll need to climb over a truck parked next to the building.
38. After the metal gate, you get to go inside the Seattle Conference Center proper. Down here, you’ll need to break a window to get inside a room with the Arch-Enemy card.
39. The Doppelganger is inside the Garden Suites building. You get in here during the main story, after a forest section. As you climb the stairs, go to the left corner.
40. As you go down the long ladder toward the water below, you can enter Weston’s pharmacy. Bhat M’andarr is here, close to the entrance, next to a purple box.

The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 3 All Trading cards

You’re approaching the end of the first half of the game, but to get there you’ll need to go through Seattle Day 3 chapter. Along the way pick up 6 trading cards. Four are found in Road to the Aquarium sub-chapter and additional two are during The Flooded City. Trading card locations in this chapter can be tricky to find because you’re roaming large areas by boat and there are lots of nooks and crannies. It was fun finding the hidden collectibles though.

Road to the Aquarium

41. Esquire is the first trading card in Road to the Aquarium Seattle Day 3 chapter. It is close to where you wake up. Head from the dressing room into the backstage area where all the props are. Continue towards the red curtain, and go left towards the mixing board. The card is under the small TV.
42. The second trading card in the Road to the Aquarium is in the WPL building you’ll have to go through because the tunnel is blocked by train cars. In the back hallway, crawl under the rubble blocking the open door on the right, then head left and look for the Tormenta trading card on one of the desks. There’s also a workbench in that room.

43. The third trading card, Tanager, is in the Kingston’s bookstore. Drop to the flooded floor, towards the iron gate. Then, turn around and crawl under the huge slab of concrete that you used to climb down. The card is on one of the shelves holding the slab up.
44. Tatuaje, the fourth and final trading card in this level, is in the Seaport, the building you’ll come into after the short cutscene where you deliberate whether you should use the road or the boat. Head through the door next to the vending machines, drop down, and head to the left. Jump over the low shelves, then turn around and find the card on the same shelves that you just hopped over.

The Flooded City

45. Seff-l’ho’phad – Before you open the first gate, disembark the boat, turn around and head into the small room on the left. It’ll be in a desk drawer.
46. Khazakh Bright – In the prize zone of the arcade, on a shelf below the counter, under the cash register.

Santa Barbara All Trading Card Locations

You’re in the last stretch and only two trading cards away from getting the coveted Master Set silver trophy.The emotional charge of the game is building up to crescendo, but, at least, you’ll be able to say you’re done with this collectible. There’s one card in Pushing Inland and one in the Resort. If you scour the levels in detail you should have no trouble finding them yourself. However, if you’re having trouble we hope the following information will help.

Pushing Inland

47. Cbb-73 – On the white desk in the bedroom on the upper floor of the big mansion. You can enter through the window with the red rag hanging from it.

The Resort – Santa Barbara

48. The one and only trading card in Santa Barbara – The Resort is right after the shed with the workbench in the courtyard that you’ll get into after cutting through the fence of the compound. Head out of the shed through the door on the right of the workbench and enter the lit doorway in front of you. The Sparkthug trading card is in the corner on the right of the door, on the table, next to the stereo.

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