Relic of the Sages trophy - Strange Object location - The last of Us 2

Last of Us II Relic of the Sages is a trophy that you can unlock in the game by finding the mysterious Strange Object. Now, of course, the question is where to find the Strange Object in order to get the Relic of the Sages. It’s pretty well-hidden and easy to miss; you really have to go looking. Or, just keep reading our Strange Object Location in Last of Us 2 – Relic of the Sages Trophy guide to see where it is.

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Strange Object Location in Last of-Us 2 Relic of the Sages Trophy
Strange Object Location in Last of Us 2 – Relic of the Sages Trophy

How to Get Relic of the Sages Trophy in Last of Us 2 – Where to Find Strange Object?

To find the Strange Object and get the Relic of the Sages trophy in The Last of Us 2, you first have to play through the game until you reach the chapter called Seattle Day 1 – Hostile Territory. Play through the level until you get to a narrow alley around the corner from a huge Chinese dragon mural. As you walk through the alley, keep your eye on the left, and enter the restaurant called Ruby Dragon.

Go through the door on the right in the back, and climb up the stairs. At the end of the hallway, there’s a door on the left that’s blocked by stuff, so crawl underneath. Mind the zombies, of course. Go out onto the terrace on the left, and hop across towards the boarded-up window. Now, go through the doorway on the left. We’re almost there.

Go through the room with the covered-up statue and the pool table (there’s an artifact in that room, by the way). Walk into the adjoining room on the right, the one with the hole in the floor. Turn to your right, and you’ll see table with a small fan on it. Next to the fan, there’s a small copper egg with engravings all over it. That’s the titular strange object, and, by picking it up, you’ll get the Relic of the Sages trophy.

If you are still having trouble with this feel free to view our youtube video guide and put yourself on the road to 100% finishing the game.

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