The Last Of Us 2 'Birthday Gift' collectibles - Artifact, Trading Card, Journal Entries locations guide

The Birthday Gift collectibles in Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 include several journal entries, trading cards, and artifacts. Finding all the collectibles in the Last of Us 2 Birthday Gift Seattle Day 1 chapter can be pretty tricky, because the whole thing is very visually busy, so things are very easy to overlook, especially small stuff, like the trading cards. To help you out, we’ve put together our Birthday Gift Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Artifacts Seattle Day 1 TLOU2 guide.

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Birthday Gift Trading Cards Journal Entries Artifacts Seattle Day 1 TLOU2
Birthday Gift Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Artifacts Seattle Day 1 TLOU2

Journal Entry Location

The first Journal Entry in the Birthday Gift chapter of The Last of Us 2 is pretty simple to find. After your jolly jaunt through the forest, you’ll eventually come across a giant statue of a T-Rex. Approach the sign at the base of the statue and interact with it to get the entry. Now, go inside the museum and into the dinosaur exhibit. Don’t forget the hat in the souvenir shop.

where to find journal entry birthday gift seattle day 1 last of us 2
Journal Entry #1 location

The Nighthawk Trading Card Location

Once in the dinosaur exhibit, walk around the triceratops and, once behind it, look to the right. You’ll see a trading card in the corner of the bench. In case you’re wondering, the superhero in question is called The Nighthawk. Not the one you’re thinking of.

trading cards last of us 2 birthday gift where to find
Trading Card #1 location

One Day Journal Entry

Next up, head up the stairs and into the space exhibit. Play around with the model of the solar system, have a seat in the lunar rover, look around and have fun. Then, pick a helmet and climb into the space capsule to share a moment with Joel. After that’s over, he’ll give Ellie a space shuttle pin. Then, head back to the circular benches next to the rover and interact with them to get the “One Day” journal entry.

birthday gift chapter last of us 2 journal entry locations
Journal Entry #2 location

The Saura Trading Card

Leave the space exhibit through the double doors behind the benches, jump into the water, and swim to the other side. Clamber into the Natural History Center building. Head into the first exhibit room, the one with the moose surrounded by wolves. Look to the right, and look for the Saura trading card under the bench.

last of us 2 how to get trading cards the birthday gift chapter
Trading Card #2 location

We wanted to end suffering Artifact Location

Continue into the next room with the taxidermied birds, and onward into the wildlife exhibit. Immediately head to the right when you come close to the cactus, and walk through the collapsed doorway into the insect exhibit. Immediately in front of you, you’ll see a corpse under the words “There is no light” next to the butterfly display. By the side of the corpse, you’ll find some resources you might find handy, as well as the artifact – We wanted to end suffering, aka a note.

all birthday gift last of us 2 chapter collectible locations where to find
Artifact #1 location

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