Last of Us 2 Supermarket Safe Code - Employee of the Month Location & Combination

The first safe in The Last of Us 2 is found during the Patrol in Jackson chapter. It is filled with various goodies – scavenge parts, supplements and more. You’ll probably wonder about the good boy reference. Where is his employee of the month accolade in Last of Us 2? All this and more will be answered in our Last of Us 2 Supermarket Safe Code guide.

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Last of Us 2 Supermarket Safe Code - Employee of the Month

Last of us 2 First safe code – How to locate it in Jackson Patrol?

The first time you’ll use your gas mask in the game is when you enter the supermarket. You’ll do so by pushing the cart in the office area you reached by climbing on top of a truck. There’s a room you can loot on your left and a crack in the wall on your right. Squeeze through it. There will be a room to your right – enter it and you’ll see the safe. Check out the desk on the right. You’ll see an artifact there. This helps you decipher the Last of Us 2 supermarket safe code. It’s a letter that reads as follows.

Yo Kristen – left the real s**t in the safe for you. Combo is the date my good boy got Employee of the Month. Don’t f***ing sell those or give them away. That’s for your back alright? Feel better — Mina.

Last of Us 2 Employee of the Month – Good By Combo Location

Someone loved their dog! To figure out the month he became the Last of Us 2 employee of the month you’ll have to look for some clues. Right next to the safe and the artifact you jsut read is a picgture of the good boy in question. This does not help with the combo though. To find it you will have to have your flashlight on. Walk back to the crack you squeezed through. Look at the wall across from the crack. There’s a whiteboard there showing all employees of the month. Find the dog, and zoom in on the date above his picture – it says July 2013.

What is the Last of Us 2 Supermarket Safe Code?

Almost all safes in TLOU2 require 6 digits and since July 2013 translates to 07 20 13 this is your Last of Us 2 Supermarket Safe Code. You’ll get a stack of twelve scavenge materials, fourteen supplements to make you big and strong, and some alcohol to ease your pain – physical, not emotional. That stuff is not safe for drinking.

This is the very first safe you’ll encounter in the game. It prepares you well for what lies ahead. Safes are rare, but getting the combination almost always includes looking for hints in artifacts as well as the surroundings. So keep your eyes open and read things very carefully. You can also check out the video version of this guide on our Youtube channel. Leave a like and subscribe if you’re a fan of such content.


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