The Last of Us 2 Training Manual Locations - Journeyman Trophy

Training manuals are collectibles in The Last of Us II. There’s eight of them in total, and each one unlocks a new upgrade branch. These are basically skill trees – each of them has several skills that will make surviving in the harsh world of The Last of Us 2 somewhat easier. Some are hidden in safes, others have even more devious hiding places. You really won’t want to miss even a single one of these, and getting them all will even unlock the Journeyman trophy. This guide will help you earn that achievement by showing you all TLOU2 training manual locations.

tlou2 training manual locations journeyman trophy
The Last of Us 2 Training Manual Locations – Journeyman Trophy

Crafting Upgrade Branch training manual location – Downtown

The first manual is in Seattle Downtown. Get onto the Marion Street bridge by climbing a truck parked in 6th Avenue. You’ll notice a rope on the fire truck, which you can use to lower yourself down the side of the bridge. Once you’re near the end of the rope, a prompt will appear, letting you swing onto a lonely platform. You’ll find the skill book there, in a truck.

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Stealth Upgrade Branch training manual – Capitol Hill

The training manual that unlocks the stealth upgrade branch can be found in Capitol Hill, Seattle Day 1. You’ll find the skill book in the book store. Head into the cafe section, and look for it across the room from the counter, on a desk with a typewriter.

Precision Upgrade Branch training manual location

This skill tree can be unlocked in Hillcrest, Seattle Day 1. Once you’re out of the bicycle store, head into Goldstar Liquor, across the street. Go inside and head into the basement. After you’ve dealt with the tomato-zombies, use the crawlspace to enter the next building. Climb up the stairs and look for the training manual next to the counter.

Explosives skill tree training manual

This one’s in the Seraphites subchapter of Seattle Day 1.After you pass the Route 5 road sign, go under the walkway and climb the white truck on the left. Enter the building, then leave the apartment you end up in. Follow the path until you’re in an apartment with lots of plants and water barrels. Once the fight is over, go into the room the enemies came from and you’ll find the skill book.

Covert Ops upgrade branch training manual

This training manual is in the On Foot subchapter, Seattle Day 1 part 2. Once you reach the boat repair building, make sure you check out the boat. The skill book will be hidden in it.

Close Quarters training manual – Hostile Territory

You can find this one in Hostile Territory, in two places. The first one is in the Chinatown area, accessible through a window before you enter the Fabrics and Import Store. The second one is in the Jasmine Bakery, the store with the purple marquee in the alley with the dragon mural. It’s in the safe – the combination is 68 96 89. If you need a more detailed description, check out our TLOU2 safe combinations & locations guide.

Firearms upgrade branch skill book

You’ll find the book that unlocks this skill tree in Rosa’s Auto shop in the Forest subchapter of Seattle Day 1 part 2. Once you’re inside, head to the right and into the kitchen. Turn right immediately and you’ll see a door leading into the reception area. The magazine will be there, on a dresser under the window.

Ordnance upgrade branch training manual location

The ordnance manual is located in the beached ferry in the Coast subchapter. Climb up all the way to the sun deck, and look for it in the orange safe on the bridge. The combination is 90 77 01. If you need more detailed instructions on where to find and how to open the safe, take a look at the guide linked above.

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