The Last of Us 2 Door Code - Tunnels Keypad Combination

There’s a locked door with a keypad in the Tunnels subchapter in The Last of Us 2. This area is part of the Seattle Day 1 chapter, and you’ll find the door during the section where you run from WLF soldiers into the subway tunnels. The door the locker room and there are a couple of hints there that should help you figure out the keypad combination. If you get stuck with Soda Can code 152, our guide will show you where to find Last of Us 2 door code and what is full Locker Room Code , to help you get the loot in the room beyond it.

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tlou2 tunnels keypad code locked door
The Last of Us 2 Locker Code – Soda Can Code 152

Last of us 2 locked door code in Tunnels – Soda Door Code 152

The locked door is in the break room, and it leads into the locker room. You don’t have to open it to progress the story, but there’s some useful stuff inside – it acts as a safe, basically. Last of us 2 locker code is well hidden. To get the code, you should first check out the table near the vending machine to the left of the door. You’ll find a ripped piece of a post, with a message scrawled onto it. It informs someone that if they forget the code, they should just buy the author a soda and they’ll get the combination.

Approach the vending machine and you’ll notice there’s only one can of soda inside. If you break the glass, you’ll be able to pick it up. There’s another message here, and it reveals the first three digits of the The Last of Us 2 soda can code. Luckily, this lock only allows each digit to be entered once, after which the button stays stuck until you’ve entered all of them, so you can get the last two by guessing. The correct code is 15243.

tlou2 how to open locked door in tunnels

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to get your hands on three kinds of crafting materials, a bottle of supplements and some shotgun and pistol ammo.

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