The Last of Us 2 Seattle Courthouse Elevator Bug - Rope Glitch

Courthouse elevator bug is a known glitch in The Last of Us II. It happens in the Seattle Downtown courthouse, and it’s pretty game-breaking. Not everyone is going to be affected by it, but those that do will have a nasty time trying to solve it. Here’s everything we know about the TLOU2 Seattle courthouse elevator bug, including possible ways to work around it.

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tlou2 seattle courthouse elevator bug rope glitch
The Last of Us II Seattle Courthouse Elevator Bug – Rope Glitch

Courthouse elevator shaft rope glitch – Seattle Downtown

When you get to the elevator in the courthouse, you’re supposed to use the rope to climb down to the parking lot. As you’re descending the shaft, you’ll get a prompt to jump when you reach the end of the rope. This is supposed to let you land safely at the bottom. However, something isn’t working right, and there are two different bugs that can happen here. Either the game will treat the height as lethal and kill you, even though you used the prompt to drop down, or you’ll drop straight through the floor and out of the map.

It’s pretty annoying, but the good news is that Naughty Dog is aware of it. They’re currently investigating the issue, so if nothing else helps, simply waiting it out will solve it in the end. Before you resort to that, you could try reloading an older save file, or restarting the chapter from the Chapter select menu. However, do not try to restart the checkpoint – that’s official advice.

It’s definitely a show-stopper, no doubt about that. We’ve heard from several folks who’ve replayed the section several times with no success, and restarting the chapter would be pretty time consuming – Seattle Downtown is one of the biggest chapters in TLOU2. Waiting it out would be your best bet if you’re not keen on playing through this part several times.

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  1. K

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure it out. I get both glitches, I fall down to my death & if I don’t fall down to my death then I’m out of the nap. Super annoying

    1. T

      My game is doing the same thing

        1. A

          It’s annoying I deleted the game and the same problem I will try your solution ?I hope it will solve it

    2. J

      So I was stuck here for an hour or so before looking up how to get passed this. I was suffering from this same glitch. In a last ditch effort I climbed to the end of the rope, climbed back up just briefly and then climbed down again. This let me descend further than I did before and the drop down not kill me. Hopefully this will work for others!

      1. J

        I’m sorry I posted to soon, yes I’m alive at the bottom but there is nothing out the door down there but glitchy emptiness

      2. F

        Thank you so mich just got the game and got the glitch it worked with your tip thank you!!

        1. F

          Never mind its just emptiness and white

  2. R
    Ruby macias

    So I had this glitch problem.
    What I did was restart the chapter, and made sure to explore the area BEFORE going to the courthouse. There are some things you the game will need you to have before you get to the courthouse. So just make sure you scavenge around first.

    1. T

      And after doing that can you confirm that it works now? Or still not?

      1. C

        It works man. It worked for me at least.

    2. B
      Ben Ridgwell

      I only have an option to restart the checkpoint, not the chapter?? I’m stuck in a loop.
      My last save was way too far back to be an option (my bad)

    3. J

      Wrong. DO NOT explore the area. Go straight to the courthouse after restarting the chapter and get it over with first. That’s the known fix.

  3. W

    ComE on serious delay the game then make me loose 2 house of game play so stupid

  4. H

    Same bug/glitch here. How’d they let users know when they fix it tho? Great to hear ND is aware of it anyways.
    Much appreciate the advice! (Was about to restart the whole section)

  5. A

    I had a similar bug in the same area that has brought my game to a screeching halt. Once i get to the parking garage and take car of the infected the game will not allow me to fill my gas canister from the tank. The prompt doesn’t appear and it wont let me progress. Seems the courthouse is pretty buggy. Im, hopefully, waiting for a patch because i don’t relish the idea of starting the chapter all over again.

    1. M

      Same thing happened to me, but if you skip this and head straight for the garage door (don’t listen when Dina reminds you not to leave without the gas) you’ll see that once you get to the E2 gate, the canister will be filled up.

  6. E

    Hey does anyone know why I lost the parts I picked up when I start the next section? At “waking up” I had 15 parts, but when I started Patrol I got 0.

  7. B

    I seem to be experiencing a different issue. The window that you have to open to enter the courthouse, the game is not allowing me to do so. And I have no idea why. Anyone else run into the same problem, and if so how to fix it?

  8. V

    Yeah I had the same shitty bug problem… The clue is first go to the dome and afterwards to the courthouse, that will do it!

  9. P
    Parth Sharma

    In the Seattle day 1 the stadium chapter when abby take the gun the guy get invisible and after that when she get into the truck her body freezes like a scare crow can anybody help me how to resolve this glitch

    1. M

      Good evening I have practically the same bug as you me when she gets into the truck she is frozen she the other woman next to the one who is pregnant c arm disappears tell me if you found a solution while waiting for an update that corrects it

  10. C

    Anyone know when the next update/patch will be release ?

  11. C
    Chilly cee

    Well I’m definitely stuck and after putting out my $$ for this BS!!!!!!!! Naughty Dog WTH?

  12. M
    Man Who TF

    I restarted this part in the chapter from the main menu then went straight for the courthouse. No missing elevator glitch and now im headed towards the dome. Collecting everything AGAIN lol. Literally everything. I got a trophy for it before restarting the chapter. Soo, it worked if you go straight to the courthouse. Hopefully it does for you, good luck

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