The Last of Us 2 West Gate Safe Combination & Location - Seattle Downtown

West Gate safe is one of the loot containers you have to unlock in The Last of Us 2. It’s located in the Downtown area of the Seattle Day 1 chapter. Like with all the other safes, you’ll need to find an artifact with the combination or a clue in order to open it. If you’re having trouble with that, this guide will help you by showing TLOU2 West Gate safe code combination & location in Seattle Day 1 Downtown.

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Gate West 2 safe code combination in Seattle Downtown

The safe can be found in the western part of Seattle Day 1 Downtown, at West Gate 2, which is in Madison street. The combination needed to unlock it comes from an artifact you got earlier, one that’s impossible to miss, called Checkpoint Gate Codes. You’ve picked it up in the Gate sub-chapter, so open up your artifacts list and look for it. It’s a piece of paper with a bunch of codes written on it – some are smudged beyond recognition, but luckily, the one you need isn’t.

The code is 0451, by the way. It’s the only four digit code in the entire game, as far as we know. It’s also a nod to another game. This is probably the last game you’d expect such a nod in. This is a System Shock reference, one that many games include. On the other hand, those games usually share some DNA with the game they are referencing, which is why people have come to expect this particular Easter egg in that kind of game. Maybe it feels a bit out of place in The Last of Us II, so nobody would try entering it blindly, which kind of defeats the purpose of the reference in the first place. It feels a bit clumsy and shoe-horned, is what I’m trying to say, but no harm done.


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