Courthouse Safe Last of Us 2 Combination & Location - Seattle Downtown

Seattle Downtown courthouse safe in The Last of Us 2 is one of the locked boxes containing loot. It is located in a building in the Downtown area of the Seattle Day 1 chapter. Finding the code is relatively easy, but you might miss the safe if you’re not careful. This guide will help you avoid that by showing you Last of Us 2 Courthouse Safe combo.

Last of Us 2 Courthouse Safe Combination

Courthouse safe location

When you go inside the courthouse, clear the first floor. You’ll push some locker from the door and go down a staircase. Ground floor is dark and you’ll see elevator shaft you’re supposed to go down to for main story. Stick around a bit more to find the Last of Us 2 courthouse safe. Past the elevators you’ll see a FEDRA banner on the wall, and then look to your left. You’ll see a locked room. Break the glass and climb through the window. If you turn around, you’ll see the safe under the desk by the window you just broke. You might miss finding the code. Two artifact documents you find do not talk about the safe.

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What is the Last of Us 2 Courthouse Safe combo?

If you have your flashlight on you might notice a whiteboard above the corpse containing the artifact. The message reads:


All items confiscated from suspects should be placed in the office lockup.”

The combination for the Last of Us 2 courthouse safe is 86 07 22. Once you open it, you’ll find a handful of scraps, some supplements and a bit of alcohol inside. Nothing too exciting, but it’ll help, especially on higher difficulty settings.

Even if you’re really methodical, you might miss this safe. This is one of those situations where remembering you have a flashlight will save you. Without it, you’d hardly see anything in the courthouse. The other thing is the window – this early on, you might not be used to the idea that every window is a potential point of entry, even if its closed. We sure had our share of frustrations before we realized glass was actually super easy to break in The Last of Us II. If you need help with any of the other safes in the game, check out our TLOU2 safe combinations & locations guide.

You can also watch our video guide for Last of Us 2 courthouse safe on our youtube channel.

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