The Last of Us 2 Weston's Pharmacy Safe Combination & Location - Seraphites

Weston’s Pharmacy safe is a hidden container in the Seraphites area of the Seattle Day 2 chapter in The Last of Us II. Although the combination isn’t hard to discover, the safe itself is easy to miss. If you’re stuck trying to find either, this guide will show you TLOU2 Seraphites Weston’s Pharmacy safe combination & location in Seattle Day 2.

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Seraphites Weston’s Pharmacy safe location & code – Seattle Day 2

Once you get out of the water, you’ll notice the shop sign for Weston’s Pharmacy on the left. Go up the stairs and into the store. If you go past the counter, you might notice a hole in the wall between the shelves. Crawl through it and you’ll find the safe in the small room beyond. There’s also a workbench there, so use the opportunity to tune up your weapons. As for the combination, it’s written on an artifact, as you’d expect. The good news is that the artifact is also in the pharmacy. You can find it by going behind the counter – it’s hidden on a shelf under the cash register. It’s a letter from one unfortunate denizen of the pharmacy to another.

If you just want to go in and grab the stuff, the Weston’s Pharmacy safe code is 38 55 23. Once you crack the safe, you’ll get your hands on some crafting materials, arrows, rifle ammo, a first aid kit, a bunch of supplements and some alcohol. Nothing spectacular, but you’ll replenish your supplies, which is often worth more than spectacular rewards. If you’re stuck with any of the other safes in The Last of Us II, be sure to check out our TLOU2 safe combinations & locations guide. It should be a lot of help if you’re looking to get the Safecracker Trophy, or if you’re just interested in getting all the weapons, upgrades and such.


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